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Going to the Dark Side

by Bangsar Babe

By Fashion Writer: Wei Ni Lee

Jumping onboard the Star Wars craze! I personally have always been a fan of the Dark Side, perhaps it’s because I like to think of myself as darker and edgier than I really am. #DarkSideGoals

This festive season I was really blessed to go on a 14-day trip to Ireland with my family to meet up with my sister Lulu who has been spending the past couple of months studying in Canada.

As I am obsessed with dark shades for Winter, I ensured that my outfits were in the appropriate colours of black, deep wine red, dark forest green with hints of white & grey to perfectly match the dark lip I was planning to wear. :D

2015-12-24 20.27.14

Beauty stash! #IDoNotHaveAProblem

Look #1: Dipping my toes into the Dark Side

I started off day one with a dark lip and really simple eye make up. For this look, I applied only 2 light coats of Shu Uemura’s Laque Supreme in WN01 on my lips with a hint of Benefit’s Benetint on the cheeks. A pop of shimmer on the high points of my face & of course, mascara!

2015-12-25 09.19.55

Greetings from Ireland!

One of my favourite things about the Benetint is the natural flush it gives your cheeks. The cold winter air is quite drying so I did not want to apply too many powder-based products, which make the Benetint a great alternative to powder blushes!

2015-12-25 15.24.47

Shiseido Full Lash Masacara, Benefit’s Benetint, Guerlain Meteorites, Shu Uemura’s Laque Supreme in WN01.

2015-12-25 15.26.03

The colour of Shu Uemura’s Laque Supreme in WN01 is a warm, dark plummy purple shade with a slight hint of dark red. It’s a really beautiful shade that I think would fit most skin tones if you were looking to give dark lips a try. :)

Look #2: Berry Berry Dark

2015-12-29 09.55.38

Channeling Wednesday Addams with pigtails

As I am obsessed with being matchy-matchy, I opted to do my second look with a darker plummy matte eye shadow & a hint of dark shimmer purple eyeliner on the bottom line.

To ensure that the look wasn’t too gothic, I applied a flush of Benefit’s Lollitint on my cheeks. Benefit’s Lollitint is a pinker & softer shade compared to Benetint. While Benetint provides a red, rosy flush, Lollitint offers a soft pink inner glow.

2015-12-31 08.55.00

Loreal La Palette, Shiseido Full Lash Mascara, Sephora Retractable Eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner, Benefit’s Lollitint & Shu Uemura Laque Supreme

2015-12-31 08.55.14

I used the last 3 shades on the right of the eye palette to create a plummy eye look

Look #3: Shimma Me Timbers

In the final look, I opted for a more brownish & warm toned look as the outfit I was wearing had a lot of cool toned grey and I wanted to create a soft contrast between my outfit and make up.

2015-12-31 08.57.20

I started off with a light champagne colour all across the eyelid, blended a medium shimmery brown shade from near my lash line to where my crease would be and focused a dark shimmer brown shadow close to the upper lash line (almost like an eyeliner but well blended).

2015-12-31 08.57.31

I completed my eye make up with a slight winged liner and tons of mascara for more depth to the eyes. On the cheeks, I chose Benefit’s ChaChaTint for a warm orange-coral finish. Finally covered my lips with Shu Uemura’s Laque Supreme in WN01 for a deep berry lip.

2015-12-31 08.57.02

LOC One and Done Eye Shadow Sticks, Benefit’s ChaChaTint, Covergirl Supersizer Mascara, Shu Uemura’s Laque Supreme & Eyeko Visual Eyes

Through out the trip, I became rather obsessed with Shu Uemura’s Laque Supreme! The colour is buildable so you can opt to either do a light wash of dark colour on your lips, or layer it up to create an almost black lip.

The texture is fairly easy to apply and it does last quite long even through eating & drinking. Some transfer may happen but as long as you let each layer dry completely before adding the next layer, you’ll be able to make this lip colour last the whole day with minor touch ups. Do note that the formula is a little drying, so prep & moisturize your lips beforehand to keep them soft & supple the whole day.

Find out more on what Shu Uemura & Benefit has to offer at their respective Facebook pages:

Let me know in the comments below, which of these 3 dark lip looks are your favourites? And how would you rock a dark lip? :)

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