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A Scentsual Affair with Jo Malone

by Bangsar Babe

By fashion writer: Wei Ni Lee

It was an intimate and scentsual affair at The Gallery, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur where Jo Malone held their private preview of the new range of Jo Malone London Cologne Intense.

Ushered into a semi-dark room with black drapes & soft lighting, you are greeted instantly by the strong heady scent of Jo Malone, further steps in will engulf you thoroughly with the richness & beautiful combination of cologne & candles.

I was introduced to Daisy, a scent specialist for Jo Malone who gave me a quick introduction on the scents they already had.


Being a good student & listening intently.


Featured in front, Jo Malone’s Cologne Intense collection.

Debuting their brand new Cologne Intense collection, these colognes in a unique black bottle are made with precious ingredients & inspired by nature. My favourite 3 scents of the collection are Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Oud & Bergamot and Orris & Sandalwood.


The Dark Amber & Ginger Lily has a light & refreshing scent with a clean sensuality of black cardamom, ginger and water lily. This scent is meant to be calm & relaxing, but I found it rather uplifting yet soothing. This is their most popular scent in the entire Cologne Intense collection.

The Oud & Bergamot has a mysterious & smoky character to it. The Oud wood mixes well with the crisp clarity of bergamot giving it a hypnotic & alluring appeal.

The Orris & Sandalwood has a rich woody & floral scent. While I’ve never been a fan of woody scents, this one has a delightful mix of irises & amber, which creates a captivating & compelling experience.


Jo Malone’s cologne collection, beautifully displayed.

These perfumes are deliciously heady, each with their own unique scent. If you’ve always struggled with finding your own bespoke scent, Jo Malone offers a beautiful selection of individual scents that work in harmony with each other to create a scent that is truly you.


The key is to spray each of the scent on either side of your body, preferably on your clothes for it to last longer. I’ve been assured that these beautiful scents will not stain, so it’s a-okay to do a spritz even on white fabric. If you’re OCD, simply spritz your scent of choice into the air and walk through it.

If you’re unsure on what scent would work best with you, hop into a Jo Malone store and talk to their scent stylist. They are highly knowledgeable in each individual scent and are happy to assist you in finding your own bespoke flavour.



Aside from colognes, Jo Malone offers a selection of delicious body crème and home scents. As with their colognes, feel free to light 2 or more different candles for a unique experience in your home. These candles boast a clean & even burning that’s sure to tantalize your olfactory senses.


Each Jo Malone product is beautifully giftwrapped making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. These scents are specially designed to be unisex making them a great addition to both women & men. If you know someone who is a scent junkie, introduce him or her to the rich scents of Jo Malone for a scent changing experience.


Thank you Jo Malone for having me!

Jo Malone is now available in KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall & Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Find Jo Malone online on their website & Facebook.

Let us know in the comments below, have you tried out Jo Malone? Which of these scents are you most looking forward to?

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