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Curry Fish Head at Sin Hiap Kee, Pudu

by Bangsar Babe

The fish head curry stall at Sin Hiap Kee is Pudu is much talked about among my colleagues; they claim it is among the best in Klang Valley. I’ve visited the place twice thus far, once with my colleagues and the second visit with Jien.


Fish head curry, in all its glory

Apart from fish head curry, Sin Hiap Kee also serves an assortment of dishes such as fried chicken, chicken cutlet, fried fish egg, squid sambal and curry prawns. Despite the stall’s humble appearance, eating here is not cheap – especially if you’re going for the fish head.


Tell the auntie what you want and she’ll scoop it for you…


Good for four pax

Our fish head curry cost RM65 per plate and it came with ladies finger, eggplant, tomatoes and tofu puffs. The gravy isn’t as thick as most of the curries I’m accustomed to but it was robust, tangy and very addictive. You can request for additional gravy if you run out, which often happens as I find myself drinking the gravy just like that.


Pumpkin with curry leaves and chilli — pretty good stuff!


Wicked sambal sotong

The highlight of this stall is the squid sambal (RM10); at least for me. It was spicy yet creamy, and the squid was cooked just right so each bite was tender. On my second visit today, the same dish now cost RM15. This price increase doesn’t make much sense but I guess they operate the way mamaks do and charge based on estimate. Still really tasty though.


Side dishes


Fried fish eggs

Also addictive was the fish egg, deep fried to crispy perfection and tasty when mashed with white rice and curry. My colleagues enjoy the chicken cutlet which I find just average and rather pricey – RM6 per cutlet. That said, they were pretty generous with the chicken filling. I prefer the fried chicken especially when it’s freshly fried as the meat is juicy and nicely seasoned.


Freshly fried chicken


A potful of goodness


Pretty good spread

If you’re going to have fish head curry and assorted side dishes at Sin Hiap Kee, expect to spend between RM30-35 per person for the meal. A cheaper alternative would be to order rice with vegetables and a piece of meat. That ought to cost RM10 or less, I hope.

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Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 7/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Good fish head curry and even better squid sambal.


Located at the corner of Jalan Lengkongan Brunei and Lorong Brunei Selatan

Sin Hiap Kee
32, Jalan Brunei Selatan,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148 9557
(Closed on Sundays and public holidays)

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