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by Bangsar Babe

Both my parents have fairly good skin and I’m the lucky one of four of my siblings to inherit their best genes. I rarely suffer breakouts and when I do, it’s often on my back. As such, I never took skincare seriously and only started investing in good ones two or three years ago. Even so, it was limited to eye cream, serum and moisturizer.


I’m lucky to have (fairly) good skin

My skincare regime was always to cleanse and moisturize, never with toner. Much to my sister’s annoyance as she’s very particular about her skin since she’s more prone to acne. When DRX contacted me to offer me a solution to better skin, I wasn’t quite convinced. I was fairly happy with my complexion and “if it ain’t broken, why fix it” right?

Suffice to say, I never had to invest much in my skincare since I didn’t need facials or a dermatologist. I count myself very, very lucky compared to many.


But then again, I wasn’t getting any younger and I’m often exposed to harmful UV rays since I walk quite a fair bit in the hot sun. I’m certainly not immune to aging; tiny freckles and lines were starting to form and I figured if I didn’t start doing damage control now, I’ll regret it down the road. So I went and met Dr Chiam, who analysed my skin and provided me with a range of skincare that took some getting used to – 7 steps!


Discussing my skin condition with Dr Chiam

For someone who’s used to 2 steps, advancing to 7 was quite tough. Good thing Dr Chiam took me through the steps so I remember which product came first. I’ve been using DRX for slightly more than a month and while there isn’t a significant difference in my photos, my pores are noticeably smaller and the fine lines around my eyes aren’t as visible.


Getting accustomed to the skincare range from DRx Clinic


7 steps to better skin

I haven’t gotten a single pimple (touch wood!) since I started the DRX skincare regime and I hope it stays this way. Sometimes, the occasional zit pops out because my (larger than desired) pores are clogged and I didn’t use a toner.


Testing the products

Here’s to hoping my skin gets better and smoother so I never have to rely on a photo ap hahahaha! Best part it, I found out my 7 steps skincare cost less than my previous skincare range. Win win, I say. Number of products vary depending on your skin condition, so if you’re prone to skin problems, they might prescribe more products to help you with this.

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