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When I learnt about Eat Me several months ago, I was excited for Joey of Killer Gourmet Burgers. It was her dream to open a cafe to showcase her penchant for desserts. Eat Me opens today at 5pm in Bangsar, just next to KGB, and I was invited to a sneak preview of what was in store several days ago — Artisanal Desserts.


Chic and feminine. I love how pretty Eat Me’s interior is!

Once a children’s course as a reward for a clean plate, dessert has come a long way — from the usual repertoire of pies, puddings and cakes, it has now evolved to something much more. It is an anticipated course at the end of the meal where many are a sucker for ones made on the spot; like waffles, crepes or souffle, still warm from the oven or stove top. It’s something I love as they show extra effort, like being served hot bread before the start of a meal.


Hot Fudge Pancakes

Eat Me’s menu comprises sweet treats (save for a savoury item), each creatively named and made with a lot of passion and love. Not all hit the spot I’ll admit — some are still work in progress but some are worth the extra calories. Like the Hot Fudge Pancakes, served with thick Belgian fudge for a rich, chocolate-y experience. Stick your fork in, eat and repeat.


Sizzling Pizzookie


Belgian chip cookie pizza in dark chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream

Another chocolate lover’s dream is the Sizzling Pizzookie, served on a hot plate with chocolate sauce at the base. The cookie is chewy from the bits of marshmallows, with bittersweet notes from the Belgian chocolate. This comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and more chocolate sauce on top. Sydney’s Stars is the whole package for me; a pretty cookie sandwich with cream and refreshing watermelon sorbet. This to me, is the perfect summer treat!


Sydney’s Stars


A summer treat!


Boston Shortcake

The Boston Short Cake is a cross between scones and roti ais krim, if you ask me. It’s basically a scone, halved and filled with vanilla ice cream, set on a base of strawberry reduction and mangoes. Simple flavours but they work well together.


Japanese Ice Tart (Strawberry)


Japanese Ice Tart (Passionfruit)

Japanese Ice Tarts are essentially frozen cheese tarts that comes in three flavours — strawberry, passionfruit and chempedak. I tried the first two flavours and decided I like strawberry best. The tart base is dense and buttery while the cheesecake mixture is creamy. I’m not a huge fan of cheesecakes (rif is) but this is an exception.


Ricotta Hot Cakes


Fluffy pancakes with honeycomb butter and maple syrup

Eat Me’s Ricotta Hot Cakes feature fluffy pancakes with bits of ricotta cheese for a creamy bite, with honeycomb butter and maple syrup. The pancakes were good stuff — one of the good ones I’ve eaten and I love the addition of homemade ricotta. Very clever. Don’t expect a pronounced taste of ricotta (if you’re looking for that then you might as well eat a lasagna), as the cheese is meant to add depth to the pancake’s texture. And honeycomb butter is always better than plain butter…don’t you think? ;)


Le Chempedak

Waffles are also available if you prefer something crisp. Le Chempedak boasts thin waffles on a base of chempedak sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. While the nature of the fruit is sweet, the dessert fortunately strikes a good balance so it doesn’t cloy.


The Belgian Musang

For the heavyweights, try The Belgian Musang — a fresh durian cake topped with durian ice cream and chocolate fudge. If you’re not a fan of durian, run. Because it is as durian as it gets. Musang King is used to make the cake and each spoonful yields creamy bits of the fruit. A must-order for durian lovers.


Shibuya Honey Bunch


Japanese light and crusty bricktoast with honey, ice cream and Eat Me’s milk clusters

Shibuya Honey Bunch reminds me of the honey toast I tried in Taipei, minus the long wait. Eat Me’s version is simpler and tastier, with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and thick cream, with honey drizzles and milk clusters. As the ice cream is already sweet, don’t go too crazy with the honey. Moderation is key.


Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana could use a darker glazed crust but I do like the element of surprise it comes with — strawberry fizzy pop rocks. What you get is a light creme brulee with crackling bits of tang in each spoonful. Less successful was the Spanish Churros, served with a choice of dark Belgian chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or salted caramel. The churros was too dense while the dark chocolate sauce was watery and too sweet for its kind.


Light creme brulee with a crackling surprise


Spanish Churros


Dipped in Belgian dark chocolate


Eat Me Iced Lavender Tea


BML Berry Mint Limon

Coffee is available but I recommend the BML Berry Mint Limon and Iced Lavender Tea — the former is light and refreshing while the tea is mildly sweet with floral notes. Despite some minor chords, I have my favourites and will come back for more once things are more settled. And have I mentioned how much I love the interior of the cafe? The wall on the left is decorated with little knick knacks Joey collects from her travels, and the right wall is fashioned to look like windows. Definitely an Instagram-worthy outlet! :)


Joey’s travel collection, put to good use!

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Eat Me Artisanal Desserts

Eat Me
23, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
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