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rif and I bought our first property together – a Soho apartment – slightly over four years ago after taking a look at the floor plan and concept, and liking what we saw. At that time, we thought it was a good buy but little did we know, we missed out many important details when it comes to buying a place, especially an apartment.


Things to look out for when buying an apartmentunit

If only we knew someone who could shed some light on what to look out for and things to avoid when choosing a unit. Our apartment is difficult to furnish given the odd corners and restrictions given by the management. It makes decorating very difficult and I’m seriously contemplating engaging in the services of an interior designer.

Many of my peers also overlooked important details such direction of the sun, design of the interior (read: make sure there are no weird, impractical corners), and usage of space. We were no different and are now going through the hassle of working with the unit we have. I don’t know what went through the mind of the architect who designed our apartment, to not include a water outlet for a washing machine.


Make sure there are no impractical corners so it’s easier to furnish

One of the few things to look out for when you plan to buy a place is affordability and accessibility. In today’s market, more and more properties are being developed – you need to know which one stands out and addresses what you need. When StarProperty interviewed me a year ago, I spoke about finding a place that is affordable. Our generation has it harder compared to our parents, as property prices have skyrocketed and despite earning more than my folks when they were my age, they could afford to buy a 8,000 sq ft bungalow while rif and I, a meagre 775sq ft apartment at about the same price!

Buying a property in prime areas like Bangsar, Hartamas, Mont Kiara and Desa Park City is out of the question unless you strike a lottery or have parents to fund you. So ideally, look for a place that is accessible via highways and offer access to major public transportations. That was one of the key things we looked out for (and fortunately got right) when we bought our first place. Else, that would have been horrible.

Also, it is important to know your developers and research about the properties they have developed, track record and workmanship. Some developers are popular but they don’t deliver good finishing (read: plenty of defects). That was one of the issues rif and I faced when we got our unit – it was a mess and the floors were not installed properly.

On top of that, the window panels were cracked and the walls were uneven. How they made the walls uneven, is a mystery to us until today. We got most of the defects fixed, but there was nothing we could do about uneven walls, unfortunately. When staying in an apartment, you will need to factor in maintenance fee. On top of that, do check if your unit falls under the commercial or resident tier, as utility charges are double.

If only I knew what to look out for back then.

I heard about Ken Bangsar about 5 years ago but most of units were sold. I definitely could not afford such a place but I do like the location and design – eco-friendly and sustainable. Ken Rimba on the other hand is more affordable and it echoes the same sustainability initiatives as the properties under Ken Holdings Berhad.


Ken Rimba


Green Cage: Part of the property’s green initiative

This township will comprise landed residences, condominium units, pool villas, a commercial centre and an upcoming boutique hotel. I had a look at the show unit of Ken Rimba Condominium 1 – it won the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award (Provisional) – and liked most of what I saw. When it comes to design, the unit is spacious and utilises space well – you won’t expect to see weird or random beams or corners, so it’s much easier to furnish the place.


Ken Rimba Condominium (show unit)


Fairly high ceiling

I also liked that the unit comes bare – no built-in cupboards or air-conditioning installed. Before you get your panties/underwear in a twist, think about it. Everyone has different taste in furniture and interior decoration. So why allow the developer to dictate what brand of kitchen stove or air-conditioning you should use in YOUR home? Our current unit came semi-furnished and I did not like it at all. Some of my neighbours ripped out the built-in cabinets because they wanted something of their own style.


The kitchen comes bare, so you can do it up however you like.


“Wet” kitchen option behind

I changed my stove top because the one given by the developer wasn’t to my liking and it was not practical to begin with. That cost me more money and time, which I didn’t quite have. So don’t think you’re getting a good deal when your developer tells you the unit comes semi-furnished. For all you know, it’s not something you want at the end of the day and the cost of ‘furnishing’ your unit would be added into the overall price of your apartment/home. :roll:


Master bedroom


Guest room


Small guest room/storage area

Prices start from RM357 per sq ft and each unit is with a built-up area from 1,076 sf to 1,183sf with three bedrooms. While this isn’t as large as our almost 2,000 sq ft unit, the space utilisation like I mentioned above is much better (and smarter). Ken Rimba is linked to the Padang Jawa KTM Station via a covered walkway and is accessible via two major highways – Federal Highway and NKVE. By the way, the Ken Rimba is freehold – something important to consider if you’re buying a property.

Facilities of the Condominium include:-

a. Multipurpose Hall
b. Badminton Court under the Green Cage
c. Children’s Playground
d. Gymnasium
e. Kid’s Pool
f. Dining Pavilion
g. Swimming Pool
h. Cabana
i. Jacuzzi & Sunken Lounge
j. Reading Pavilion
k. CCTV with Access Card


2km Linear Garden


Linear green walkways

As of now, all units for Block C are sold out and Block B with limited units left, while Block A is now ready for interested buyers. This eco-green residential project seems to be very popular, seeing how the Block C units were snapped up so quickly. There are 4 penthouses for Block A & C, and 8 penthouses for Block B, with 3 lifts per block. To add to the comprehensive amenities, there is a commercial centre within walking distant from the condominium and houses.

What caught my fancy are the 26 units of pool villas in Ken Rimba, designed and built as a 2.5 storey terrace house. Think paradise in your home – a holiday every time you’re home. There is a covered carpark in fromt of the unit’s lower floor and direct access to the facilities floor. Prices start from RM800k, or from RM306 per sq ft (hyperventilating as I type this).

Ken Rimba is slightly further than our ideal location since rif and I both work in the city centre but if you’re working in Selangor, this would something worth considering. For more information, you can visit www.kenholdings.com.my or follow their updates on Facebook. For enquiries, call 1300-22-9933 or visit the sales office and showroom, address below:

Ken Rimba Sales Gallery
Jalan Sungai Rasau,
Seksyen 16, 40200 Shah Alam,
Opens: 9am – 6pm (daily)
GPS Coordinates: 3.058062,101.484261

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KY August 4, 2014 - 10:19 am

the pool villa is really attractive, would have gone for it if not for the fact that I’ve already bought Jimbaran. :D

Bangsar Babe August 4, 2014 - 10:22 am

Yeah, I’m really tempted hehe. Problem is, maintenance might be a bit much to bear. Jimbaran is more practical and rif likes that better. Hehehe ;)

KY August 6, 2014 - 2:49 pm

Yeah, but that view!

Terence Chan August 6, 2014 - 11:13 pm

Hi, saw your article, my advice to all potential house buyers out there, DO NOT buy soho, sovo, sofo etc because the common denominator is office! Small office, home office! So what are soho, sovo, sofo etc? They are offices so let them be offices, don’t stay in any of the above. Offices are commercial so be prepared to pay commercial rates for your water and electricity bills as well as commercial rates for quit rent and assessment rates. If the sales person is telling you, it’s residential, it’s a big fat lie, I know it, do you? Your bills, after you have moved in, will tell you it’s commercial, versus the sales person’s lies, so how? By the time you get your keys, the sales person would have left the company already. I feel sad for you and all the other people who bought such properties. The govt should make it illegal to build or sell sofo, sovo, soho properties.

Bangsar Babe August 8, 2014 - 9:51 am

Hi Terence,

Yes, you’re absolutely right! I made a huge mistake purchasing a Soho. And yes, electricity tariff is ridiculous la. I’m hardly home but I’m slapped with a bill of RM400 for electricity alone. Thank you for sharing your views on this. I hope people will think twice about buying a soho in future.


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