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I was never a fan of shapewear because the ones I owned were too stiff and uncomfortable to wear. One of my worst memories of a girdle was how it compressed my body, which caused tingling and numbness around my outer thigh region. A good shapewear should minimise bulges on any part of the body that requires shaping, without cutting off circulation or clogging the pores.


What’s your shape?

Truth be told, I was a tad sceptical about the effectiveness of Neubodi’s Suit Up Contour Collection. Until I tried one on to see for myself. :) Made using white bamboo charcoal, the contour collection reduces humidity via micro holes from the charred bamboo. This moves with you smoothly and perfectly for overall comfort and the perfect fit. Speaking of perfect fit, don’t attempt to go down a size because that will only make you look bigger and feel more uncomfortable. If you’re a large, don’t kid yourself into a medium shapewear – it will make you look bigger in size.


Estee, fitting me into the Neubodi ​Suit Up Contour

The collection comes in three varieties; Hi-Waist Contour Panty (RM175), Hi-Waist Contour Girdle (RM188) and Hi-Waist Contour Legging (RM248). It’s best to pick your shapewear to suit your clothing style. While I liked the legging, it wasn’t practical for me because I wear mostly knee length dresses and skirts to work. The girdle was more ideal given my range of workwear daily and it was less humid.


Fits like a glove!

All three varieties come with boning at the back waistband for a stay-put fit and zoned compression to control the tummy, waist, hips and thighs. For those who are wondering why am I even wearing shapewear when I’m skinny…let me tell you that it really helps uplifts and shapes the behind. ;) The contour collection is designed to remain 100% invisible under clothing and it fits and feels like a second skin to me.

Suit Up Hi Waist Contour Girdle

My pick for the day: Suit Up Hi Waist Contour Girdle

The SuitUp Contour collection ranges from size S – 2XL. While they now have an online store, I strongly recommend that you head to an outlet near you to try it on. Lingerie and shapewear should always be tried on to determine the best fit, I still believe. For more information, visit www.neubodi.com or follow them on Facebook.

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