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My childhood in Bangsar wasn’t much fun, as I recall. It was filled with ballet classes, music classes, art classes and tuitions, as my parents had big dreams for their four children. Plus, Bangsar was (and still is) a prime neighbourhood so my parents didn’t allow us to wander around without supervision. :cry:


Reliving my childhood with an Ais Kepal. :)

We had few playground visits and instead, spent most of our time in Royal Lake Club where swimming lessons and badminton coaching became part of our weekly routine. But twice a year, my parents would send us back to our grandparents in Sitiawan for a month or so, because daddy wanted us to experience what he had as a kid growing up there.


I would rent this bicycle to look cool…but I’m just too damn lazy to pedal hahaha!

My brother and I would follow my late grandfather to his rubber estates and durian plantations, and watch as he do what he does passionately. We also got into a helluva whacking from grandma, for climbing her cocoa trees and plucking the fruits, unripe. I remember doing everything – from learning how to ride a bicycle and subsequently motorbike, to drinking cola from the glass bottle and eating an ice ball every evening before dinnertime.


Old school treats and toys at Bits & Bobs


A childhood favourite of mine

Grandpa and grandma never said no to us so we pretty much got to try everything my dad did as a child in Sitiawan, and maybe more because we had more pocket money. :D I bought toys from the vending machine and snacks from the sundry shop (my favourites were ding dang and colourful bubblegum with “tattoo” wrapping). Those were my fondest memories of my childhood in Sitiawan and I recently relived them in the form of an ice ball (Ais Kepal) at Bits & Bobs in Ipoh.


Ais Kepal!


Knick knacks for sale

rif and I were checking out the shops at Kong Heng Square, when we came across Bits & Bobs. I was so excited when I saw someone sucking on an ice ball (RM3) that I had to get one for myself. Ordered a Busybee – a mix of sarsi and rosella with lychee at the centre. They serve it on a brown paper so it’s less messy and you still get the eat-from-your-hand experience. Works for me!


They call it ais kepal, I call it ice ball. :)


Busybee: A mix of Sarsi, rosella & lychee


Pick your flavours

They also serve red bean ice (hung tao ping) and other specially concocted drinks if ice ball isn’t your thing (how can it not be??). But that probably means you’re not a 70s or 80s baby so that’s too bad for you, as you missed out on the fun times before Internet came along. Back then, kids spoke to one another and the only ‘phone’ we had as toys were made using paper cups and a string. Heh! :P

If you’re craving an Ais Kepal, you know where to go! It really does bring back childhood memories and I can’t wait to go back there again. :)

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Bits & Bobs

Bits & Bobs
Kong Heng Square
99 Jalan Sultan Yussuf
Ipoh, Perak
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