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One of my latest pet peeves is when people come up to me (while I’m at work) and ask for good food places to explore. I think the basis of my annoyance isn’t because they asked, but because I haven’t had much time to explore given my current work schedule.


It’s frustrating really, when the luxury of time is taken away from me. Makes me wonder if it’s worth roughing it out at the office for the sake of climbing the ladder. How I wished I could sit down for a long lunch like this one or enjoy a nice coffee session with a good book.


Networking break at a conference — a chance of camwhore haha!

Then again, I did attempt a “tai tai” lifestyle a few years back and lasted only a month because I got so bored. Maybe I should go for a flexible working schedule where I only go into the office 3 or 4 days a week. That way, I get to have more me-time and keep myself sane. ;)

Here’s a picture of my work lunch today. Because apparently, people expect to see something food related when they read my blog. That’s nasi ayam kampung with salted egg by the way. If you’re looking to try this, I suggest checking out the one at Velodrome Food Court.


Nasi ayam kampung with telur masin and kuah kari banjir

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