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I always wonder if a bigger job title with more responsibilities would do me any good. I could definitely use a bigger salary and all the benefits that comes along with that job title. But it would mean I won’t have time for my loved ones and friends, let alone this blog.


In Bangkok, a few days before I started working in corporate. I remember being more carefree back then.


After almost 3 years in corporate. I didn’t realise the change, until a friend pointed it out. :shock:

That also means I won’t be able to cook much and I’m beginning to love hosting brunches. OK not so much the cleaning up part, but the whole act of getting together and catching up over food. ;)


Baked eggs with baby spinach, red cheddar and tomato-salsa base.

While I ponder over my future, here are some picture updates of my week:


A new favourite: Prawn Mee

photo 1

Bubbly Sunday Brunch :)

photo 2

Latest sneakers wedges from Puma. Love!!

photo 4

Scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon

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