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Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active

by Bangsar Babe

Neubodi Moving Comfort  Sports Bra

As one who is blessed with a fuller cup size, I sometimes have problems finding the right sports bra. XS usually runs a bit too tight while S is too loose around the back. Plus I’m not so fond of the “compressed” chest look.


Helena Juno

When I tried on the Neubodi Moving Comfort sports bra, I liked the look and feel of it instantly. The Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active range is divided into three – Secure, Stabilise and Control.


Yanna Juno


Ana UrbanX

My sports bra comes from the Control Collection, designed to offer a fully customisable fit. The molded and lightly padded cups secure my bosom buddies in place and guard against chafing.


Models showcasing the Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active range

Neubodi launched the Moving Comfort collection with the tagline, “A Fit Woman is a Powerful Woman”, to encourage women to wear the right fit of sports bras.


Haute Slim Pants, said to promote slimming and cellulite reduction

Also part of the collection is the Haute Slim Pants, designed to heat up your core body temperature while working out, to slim your waist, hips, buttocks and thighs. Targeted for cellulite reduction, the 3D-cylindrical design promotes a snug fit while promoting cellulite reduction. I don’t know about you but the keyword for me here is cellulite reduction hahaha. :D

For more information on Neubodi and the products available, visit the official website or check out Neubodi’s Facebook Page.

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