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Happy Monday Folks!

Am pleased to launch another blog header to replace the one I did at Prime, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. This new blog header features two sides of Bangsar Babe – the angelic side and also the dark side. :twisted:

Angel and Devil 3

Although slightly controversial, I think this header reflects the good and bad of me as an individual. While I always try to be accommodating in general, I try to be as unbiased as I can when it comes to reviews, invited or not.


Getting my hair fixed for the Angel shoot…


Red hot chilli lips!

It’s a constant battle I face between integrity and ego. Every now and then, I’m branded the ‘bad’ person because I choose to be honest and tell things as they are on my blog. Some people can be nasty as to send me emails containing profanities because: 1) They didn’t like the food, or 2) They felt I gave the restaurant too low a score. :???:

I can’t possibly please everybody so as long as I stick to the main purpose of why I started blogging, I’m okay. And of course there are many who find my reviews and opinions helpful — thank you!

Fans or haters, I’m glad I have them. I’ve learnt to deal with both and have grown a lot since the day I chose to be in the public eye. It wasn’t an easy ride, but it’s worthwhile seeing how I’ve come this far without having to compromise on my integrity.


Makeup and hair…

Behind The Scenes

Shan, working her magic on me. :D

I have to thank Mobster Studio for helping me with this photoshoot, NudeNot Couture for the gorgeous dresses and Shan from Fashion Palattes for doing my make-up.


Behind the scenes


This header took a while to complete because I needed a professional make-up artist to create these two looks. Also, I found it more difficult to pull off the angelic look – being the devil seems to come naturally haha! The entire photoshoot + makeup took 6 hours and rif and I are both pleased with the end result. :)

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