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Trademarking Bangsar Babe
September 17, 2015

Trademarking Bangsar Babe

Close to two years ago, Kiefer from Longwood Assets suggested that I consider trademarking the Bangsar Babe brand. And he had a good point. The brand is constantly growing and it would be good to take it to the next level – to get the ® for Bangsarbabe.com. For people like me, it sounded like […]

7 Years of Blogging

7 Years of Blogging

As the blog turns 7 this year, I ponder and reflect on the journey of Bangsarbabe.com, the hardships and tribulations faced, and the good fortunes and opportunities that arose from it. It isn’t just a blog; it’s an extension of who I am, how I’ve progressed and matured. With a fulltime job in hand, I’ve […]

December 30, 2013

2013 Year End Notes by Jien, Blog Manager of Bangsar Babe

I always wondered what it would be like if I hadn’t been in my line of work today and worked in the “creative” industry instead. I have always believed that I am somewhat creative. Being the blog manager for bangsarbabe.com has given me the avenue to explore that “road not taken”. Who knows one day […]

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