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Challenge accepted!

When Le Meridien came up with the Yard of Sausage Challenge at Gastro Sentral, many tried to tackle this giant monster. Imagine putting away more than 1kg of giant chicken Kransky sausage with nacho cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole, pickled jalapenos and deep fried onions. That, and also a pound of fries.


One Yard Long Nacho Cheesy Smoky Hot Dog & One Pound of Fries

The hotdog itself was a fine sight. Hearty, huge (1 yard = 91.44cm) and richly laden with sauces. I wanted to try it – the hotdog, not the challenge – but a few people persuaded me to attempt the impossible. To finish EVERYTHING within 45 minutes.


While the steak challenge wasn’t difficult, this one was. The hot dog challenge was. Because there was a lot of bread to go through and the whole thing was sauce-y. I managed 80% of the entire thing including fries, before throwing in the towel. I wasn’t planning to finish it as I didn’t want to risk getting ill.


Almost done

Not scoff the entire thing down my throat. Some used water to soften the bread and I think that’s disgusting. Because what’s the point of eating when you don’t enjoy the food as it is?

So in this case of One Yard Long Nacho Cheesy Smoky Hot Dog vs Bangsar Babe, hot dog won. :)


rif helped me finish the remaining hotdog. So here’s a finished plate just to stroke my ego. :P

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