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Do you have what it takes to be MasterChef Asia?

by Bangsar Babe

Both my mother and mother in-law are good cooks – one organic inspired while the other makes hearty, comfort food. As a result, I was never compelled to step into the kitchen because I have the best of both worlds. I only picked up (basic) cooking when I studied in the UK; cooking was cheaper than eating out and I was getting sick of eating frozen food items every day.


I like recipes that require minimal prep work and cleaning up haha!


Devil chicken curry in a pot

When I started blogging about food and travel, I became more in tune with flavours and textures from various cooking methods and cuisines. I like to think that I have developed a fairly sharp palate, so identifying tastes and differences come naturally to me these days. Now that rif and I have a place of our own, we do a lot more cooking and playing host to our friends.


Brunch for our friends

Before bedtime, we would watch cooking series to pick up new ideas and cooking techniques, to impress our guests. That said, I’m still a lazy cook and one many would term as a “one pot wonder”. I take on recipes that require minimal prep work and cleaning – preferably doable in a single pot. rif on the other hand has more patience and likes trying out the more challenging recipes.


Steak dinner for rif


Simple pasta dinner

We love watching Gordon Ramsay’s home cooking series, as well as his other series like Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef. I find his cooking methods a lot more feasible and his tips every now and then are helpful when rif and I are cooking. While I would love to judge a cooking show one day, I was never tempted to be a participant. There’s just too much pressure.


Banoffee pie success

For those of you who love cooking and think you have what it takes to be a chef, Lifetime – home of MasterChef is searching for the first ever MasterChef Asia. This 15-episode series is filmed in Sinngapore and is presented by the Singapore Tourism Board and Knorr, in association with Panasonic and Changi Airport Group. This series will feature three judges alongside chosen contestants from across Asia.

If you’re interested (or if you know someone who has potential), apply now at masterchefasia.com. Application ends 16 March 2015. I’m sure my bestie would stand a chance since he’s a kitchen whizz and whips up pretty amazing dishes. All that’s left is to bug him to check out the website…

2907-MasterCHef Asia_Magzine Ad_04

Again, if you want to participate, here’s the link. Apply NOW & I hope to see you soon on Lifetime, Astro Ch 709. :)

All the best!

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