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Over the long weekend, a few of my readers informed me that some of my blog links were down. Links to popular posts, especially – all the Top 10s were down.

These days, malware has been an issue on Bangsarbabe.com. I’ve lost count on the many times my web host had to step in to help me out. It’s bloody frustrating because I happen to use my own blog for reference (contact number, address, opening hours.etc).

Anyway, that’s been fixed so if you’re looking for my Top 10 List, here they are:


Pak Putra Naan – MELAKA


Transfer Road Roti Canai – PENANG


Nasi Ayam Kampung – CHERAS


Curry Mee & Yong Tau Fu – KUANTAN


Beef Noodles – PUDU


Sup Tulang – BANGSAR

Happy Food Hunting! :)

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1 comment

Christy April 1, 2015 - 12:22 pm

Ooo, I know exactly how you feel!
I have been through this issue which led to me having to halt my blog for almost a year as there were malwares, etc all blocking me (the owner!) from accessing my own blog, and I had more than a blog.
It was frustrating, and that was how I went offline for some time.
The popularity of your blog/site could lead to this too (not mine though :-P )
I am sure there are risks everywhere and it’s great to hear that you have these tech guys helping out.
It’s a nightmare, and I can relate.
All the best and keep BangsarBabe.com UP at all times :-)


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