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Cheras is an area I’ve gotten to know a little bit better over the past few months and I’ve enjoyed the food hunt around the area very much. Of all the places rif and I explored, here are the few I thought left a good impression on us.

Tong Sui in Taman Muda


Bubur Gandum

A Cheras boy tipped us about this good tong sui place, and it was one of the best I’ve tried so far. Noteworthy is the black sesame tong sui, bubur gandum and this fuchuk with beans tong sui. The tong sui have just the right sweetness and prices range between RM1.50 to RM3, depending on your order.

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Tong Sui Stall
(next to BH Petrol Station)
Jalan Bunga Tanjung 7
Taman Muda,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-264 1220
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.103 E 101 45.574


Kui Lam Pork Noodles in Taman Yulek


Dry pork noodles

This popular pork noodles haunt in Taman Yulek gets pretty packed by 11am so it’s best to get there early. The menu comprises pork noodles with a range of accompaniments such as pork ball, minced pork, pork lard, ears, liver, kidney and intestines. The soup boasts a good balance of pork flavour, without being overly thick or cloying. They are generous with the ingredients – each bowl comes with a good portion of ingredients and crispy pork lard.

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Pork Noodles at Restoran Kui Lam
Jalan Kas Kas 2
Taman Yulek, Cheras
56100, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 06.018 E 101 44.480


CK Kopitiam, Taman Miharja


Herbal pork noodles

This coffeeshop offers a good variety of hawker food, including the herbal pork noodles and fish head noodles. I like the pork noodles here – the broth is sweet from the meat and bones, with a slight hint of herbal goodness. The fish head noodles is rich from the addition of evaporated milk and tangy from the tomatoes and preserved vegetables. Pretty good stuff!


Fish head noodles

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Restoran CK Kopitiam Corner
No 1 Jalan 3/93
Taman Miharja
Jalan Cheras
55200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.444 E 101 43.442


Fried Hor Fun at Restoran One One Eight


Fried hor fun

Restoran One One Eight in Cheras serves pretty decent plate fried hor fun and portions are fairly large. The noodles boast a good wok hei with a hint of sweetness from the onions. It also comes with pork slivers, beansprouts, prawns and onions. You can eat the noodles with chilli padi for more kick, but I think this dish is tasty as it is.

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Restoran One One Eight
Jalan 10/118b
Desa Tun Razak, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 04.731 E 101 43.070


Nasi Ayam Kampung Cheras


The Nasi Ayam Kampung at Medan Selera Veladrome in Cheras is very popular, and while there are a few stalls selling ayam kampung, I like the selection at Gerai No.3 best. Do try the fried ayam kampung and catfish. The former is pretty small, so it’s common for people to eat two whole chicken legs. Selection is good and prices are reasonable. If you’re a fan of Malay food, give this place a try!

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Nasi Ayam Kampung (Gerai No. 3)
No 5, Taman Selera Muda,
Bandar Baru Tun Razak, Cheras
56000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 06.552 E 101 43.767


Restoran Uncle Meng, Taman Shamelin


Char siew wantan mee

Uncle Meng is one of my favourite places to eat when I used to work nearby. The most popular stall at Uncle Meng is the one selling char siew. You can choose to have your char siew with rice or wantan mee. I always opt for the latter. Remember to ask for “pun fei sau” and the leaner cuts aren’t as satisfying. What’s good about the char siew is its lightly charred sides and meltingly tender centre.

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Restaurant Uncle Meng
Jalan 6/91
Taman Shamelin, Cheras
Kuala Lumpur 56100
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.434 E 101 44.299


Pan Mee, Taman Miharja


Pinched pan mee

This pan mee stall in Taman Miharja, Cheras was recommended by a colleague of rif. The place gets pretty crowded around noon and seats are limited. If you’re planning to eat here, I suggest you dress casually and bring some tissue paper as you will end up sweating. But all is worth it, as the pan mee is good stuff. The noodles are smooth on the outside with a springy centre, while the broth has a nice porky flavour. I especially like the sambal as it packs a punch.

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Pan Mee Stall
(In front of Miharja Flats)
Jalan Palong,
Off Batu 2.5 Jalan Cheras,
Taman Miharja 56200
Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.479 E 101 43.532


Shamelin Barbeque Restaurant, Cheras


The area can be a bit dodgy at night, but the food is quite decent. Try their tai chow dishes such as Mongolian chicken and marmite pork. The gravy for the Mongolian chicken is pretty unique – it is mildly spicy from the curry powder with a nice creaminess from the evaporated milk. Noodles are also available, but I think the tai chow dishes are much better.

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Shamelin Barbeque Restaurant
No. 43-G & 45-G,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
03 9283 3252
Business hours: 11am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm
GPS Coordinates: N3.126393, E101.735624


Chicken Rice, Restoran Miharja


Roasted chicken rice

Chicken rice is the best seller at this coffeeshop and it is often sold out by 2pm. You have a choice of roasted or steamed chicken to go with rice, or just order both. The chicken thigh is smooth and tender with a firm bite, and complemented by the chilli sauce. I’m not a fan of chicken rice but this is not bad at all.

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Chicken Rice at Restoran Miharja
33, Jalan 3/93
Taman Miharja, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.417 E 101 43.378


Kafe Kaki Corner, Taman Billion



One of Cheras’ more popular night hangout, Kafe Kaki Corner in Taman Billion serves reasonably prices Western food. Here, you can get a chicken chop for RM15 and portions are reasonable. While the food didn’t impress me much, it still makes a pretty good place for drinks and a bite. Try the escargot and ham & cheese chicken.


Ham & Cheese Chicken

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Kafe Kaki Corner
20 & 22, Jalan Siput Akek,
Taman Billion, Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS Coordinates: N 3 05.888 E 101 44.235

So that’s my Top 10 Food to Eat in Cheras. Am hoping to explore more of the area, to add to this list. If you have any recommendations, share them with me ok? :)

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