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Wearing the right lingerie makes a big difference in appearance. I always thought I was wearing the right bra size, but my visit to a Neubodi boutique in Bangsar Village proved me wrong.

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Neubodi is founded in 2008 and represents an effortless body transformation by providing women with the right lingerie fit. I was taken through a personalized fitting session, where a bra fitting professional helped me in finding the bra with the right fit to suit my breast shape.


My fitting session at Neubodi was detailed, but a relaxed affair. I liked that they were thorough and genuinely honest. It made me feel at ease as they weren’t trying to hard sell Neubodi products; instead, they were aiming to teach me about finding the right innerwear fit for my body shape. As predicted by Estee, my bra fitting professional, my cup size was too small and the band was too thin to provide any support. If I left this for longer, I would develop saggy breasts and excess fats around my underarms and sides because of the wrong fit.

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Initially, I wasn’t too keen on the broad bra band from Neubodi bras because I was used to wearing bras with a two-hook band. But the under band is designed in such a (broad) way to sit firmly around the body, giving more stability to the breasts. Made good sense, since none of my old bras sat firmly around my body. They moved around whenever I moved my upper body. Shoulder straps are also important as these provide about 20% of support to the breasts, while the centre gore is designed to sit firmly against the chest to provide a strong hold to the bra.


I never had cleavage like this!

The second I put on a Neubodi brassiere, I had a cleavage that I never thought was possible to achieve without getting implants. The brassiere cups come with a 3D contour design to create a natural cleavage. The soft boning structure in each brassiere keeps your posture straight and enhances the body silhouette. When I wore my Neubodi brassiere, my posture was instantly improved. Neubodi lingerie is 100% hand-cut and hand-sewn, with more than 600 sizes, colours and design for different breast sizes and body shapes. I was treated to a complimentary Neu La’mour Clara Elegant, which gives me all the support, comfort and lift needed for my bosom buddies.

neu lamour Camilia Elegant

Neu La’mour Clara Elegant

I decided to buy three more pieces of Neubodi brassieres to complement my different outfits and daily use. One of my favourites are the strapless bra, which holds my breasts firmly in place while providing support. I also got two brassieres with a thicker under band as I liked how my posture is instantly improved when I wear them. I’ve been wearing Neubodi regularly for a month now and am happy to report that my breasts are more centred and the fatty bits (yes, I do have some) around my underarm have lessened. The brassieres will take bit of getting used to, especially if you’re used to wearing bras with thin bands and straps. I found my first time a bit stiff, a common experience if you’re a Neubodi virgin.


Delicate laundry wash to care for your Neubodi brassiere

Prices start from RM289 per brassiere, and it’s been one of my wisest buys for my bosom buddies so far. I still use fashion tapes and nu-bra under some outfits, but Neubodi is what I wear on a regular basis for a natural looking cleavage.


For more information about Neubodi and its boutique locations, visit www.neubodi.com

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Melissa March 19, 2013 - 10:25 am

I thot the 1st pic is you! Modelling for Neubodi :-)

Bangsar Babe March 20, 2013 - 6:31 pm

Lol! If only… ;)

fuifui March 19, 2013 - 11:26 am

I believe bra is a better friend to women than a diamond. hahhahah
Make me tempted to go check out neubodi ald :)

Bangsar Babe March 20, 2013 - 6:31 pm

Yes, a good bra makes a big difference. I’m quite happy with the results so far. Do give it a try and see. :)

Rozina April 21, 2014 - 9:40 pm

Do you have body shaper for men


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