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Talking Sense

Little sis left for US to further her studies a few days ago and she’s feeling quite homesick. Natural feeling I guess, since I felt the same way when I went to UK. Only, there weren’t Whatsapp, Facetime and Tango for me to cry or whine. All I had was Skype and MSN, and connection was shitty in 2006.

Was at my place helping my mum make her fruit enzyme when she told me about how miserable little sis was and asked me to talk some sense into her and teach her patience. Here’s our Whatsapp conversation:

Me: Oii…apa macam?

Sis: Hate it here.

Me: Why la? Homesick already?

Sis: Yes, and my roommate sucks.

Now this is where my mother wanted me to ‘talk some sense into her’, and I was going to do so until she told me this:

Sis: She’s so clingy. She doesn’t want to buy a phone line here and her mother calls MY phone to talk to her. Because of that, I can’t call mummy and daddy.

Me: WTF!

Sis: And she’s like, super deaf. On her alarm so damn loud and she sleeps through it. I had to wake her up to switch the damn thing off.

I’ve had to share a room with pageant girls before, and had two wonderful roommates. But I also had one pain in the arse roommate which I couldn’t do anything about because it was a pageant and I was being watched for ‘good character’ and ‘big heart’. But my sister isn’t in a pageant. She’s in uni. So I gave her these pointers:

Me: Throw your smelly socks at her. That will wake her up.

Sis: Lolol. I think I’ll throw my sneakers. That’s stinkier.

Me: And when her mother calls you, just put your phone on airplane mode and say phone battery died.

Sis: Okok. Will try that. :mrgreen:

Sorry mum. I had to teach her some survival skills. Otherwise, she’s going to suffer for two and a half years. And it’s not like she’s vying for some ‘Miss Congeniality’ title. That’s a bullshit title anyway. Hopefully, that will solve her problems (temporarily). Because student years should be the best time of your life, before you graduate and join the damn rat race.

This is me 😯

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  1. Oooo, university, the era of having roommates. I had four different roommates consecutively at USM and I’m thankful that they all were actually really nice. There’s a lot of uncontrolable luck involved when it comes to how our roommates turn out, I guess. Hopefully your sister’s next roommate (if there’s a next roommate) turns out to be a nice one =)

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Yeah, it really depends on luck. My father in-law had great roommates when he was in UM. Too bad my sister didn’t get such luck. 😛

  2. ulric

    Wth…I throw the phone book at her…talk abt being a miser! =)

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Waaaa…you lagi kejam. 😛

      I wouldn’t want to piss you off when you’re sleeping. Lol

  3. Kash

    I’m sure there is a better solution, like looking for another accomodation. There is an Italian saying which I will translate loosely, ”When you see shit on your path, you will definetly avoid it”. So, it’s better she looks for another place, if so soon they can’t get along, student life will be miserable.

    1. Bangsar Babe

      I don’t know if moving out is an option for her now. I think you have to stick to your roommate for one semester at least. Unless that roommate is a lunatic lol.

      1. Kash

        Oh, I see….that’s shit!

  4. Nora R

    I am thankful I have a nice roommates back in UM last time except my first year. it was terrible experience with this one. my roommate made our room stink and smelly. We were so mean, what the other roommate & I moved all her stuffs including her dirty 1 month clothes outside. Taught her some lesson. and she be good. ^_^

    1. Bangsar Babe

      HAHAHAHA!! Good move! These people should be taught a lesson. 😛

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