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I’ve been toying with the idea of roasting a whole chicken after reading some . But my mother will never allow me to roast anything using her oven, especially if the item I’m roasting is meat. It’s her kitchen, so she wants it to be as clean and organic as can be. #rolleyes

My mother in-law on the other hand bakes and roasts anything she wants in her oven, but like most mothers, her kitchen is well, her kitchen. And I don’t feel comfortable using it despite her telling me she doesn’t mind.

Until my own place is ready, I guess I’ll have to stick to eating roast chicken outside. Like the roast chicken at Ben’s which is really average by the way. Once I get MY kitchen, I’m going to roast all the chicken I want and bake all the magic brownies I can eat.

I”m going to be super fat. But nevermind … married already. :P

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