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I was told that it is a must to try the spa at any YTL resort, including the Fresh Strawberry Escapade at Cameron Highlands Resort. Spa Village in Cameron Highlands features six treatment rooms, eight tea bath tubs, two outdoor cabanas and a fully equipped gymnasium.

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Outdoor cabana

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Camomile tea

After breakfast the next morning, I was warmly greeted by Suzie, the spa manager who walked me through their range of treatments. The treatment I was soon to experience was a combination of Cameron’s best – strawberries and tea.

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Waiting room

Strawberries are said to be a symbol of purity and passion, and evokes the feeling of an English summer. It also boasts medicinal qualities and can bring relief from depression, infections and fevers. Pureed fresh strawberries also soften the skin and cool inflammation.

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Strawberry tea bath

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Cameron Highlands Resort’s Fresh Strawberry Escapade comprised three sessions – strawberry tea bath, strawberry body polish and strawberry aroma massage.

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Arik, helping me with the bath

I was first lead to enjoy the tea bath, with strawberry and lemon slices to relax and release tension. The cold tea bags were meant to reduce puffiness in my eyes, while the rough sugar was used to scrub away my dead skin cells. I got out of the bath feeling rehydrated and my skin, soft and supple.

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Treatment room

To warm me up, my therapist Arik gave me a hot bag to place around my abdomen. I was then lead to the massage room for my strawberry body polish. The polish was a refreshing body buff made of fresh strawberries, yogurt and crushed oatmeal. I was tempted to ask Arik for a spoonful to try. Arik applied the mixture all over my body and wrapped each part with cling wrap once she was done.

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Body polish

After a hot shower, the massage began. Warm strawberry oil was applied onto my body to scent and rehydrate my skin. Arik kneaded my knots away and she knew just the right pressure to use. A few years long ago, massages were not my thing. Now, I’m seriously considering a massage package. My knots were released and my upper body was relaxed and ‘loosened’ after the session.

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Massage oils

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The Fresh Strawberry Escapade cost RM400 per person for 2 hours, or RM700 per couple for 2 hours. Click here for their list of spa treatment. You can also read about my hotel stay experience, breakfast at The Dining Room, my shabu shabu dinner at Gonbei and my meals at Jim Thompson Tea Room.

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