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Lobby Lounge

For our first wedding anniversary, rif and I spent the weekend at Cameron Highlands Resort. With lady luck on our side, we were offered a weekend stay with spa and meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast and tea) included by the kind folks of YTL. Everything was well prepared to ensure we had a wonderful stay. And we really did.

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Welcome tea

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Jim Thompson Tea Room

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a nice man named Jim. He was our butler and tour guide during our stay. Our room was beautiful with a colonial charm. It was as though we travelled back in time. The most important thing about a hotel room I feel, is the bed. And the one at Cameron Highlands Resort did not disappoint.

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Our bed was large and plushy, with big fluffy pillows. We slept comfortably during the night. Although, there were some minor noise interruptions when large vehicles drove past in the middle of the night. The bathroom was small but adequate and came with the necessary amenities.

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Bathroom amenities

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Throughout our stay, the staff were attentive, friendly and helpful. They always maintained a pleasant smile and were ever ready to attend to guests. Not that I needed constant attending to. But you get the point. At CHR, every little detail is thought of carefully – dim lights, soothing music in the evening and water by the bed stand.

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Coffee & tea

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Mini bar

There is plenty to do at Cameron Highlands Resort. rif and I went for the Jim Thompson Mystery Trail – a popular choice among guests of Cameron Highlands Resort – where our local guide Madi took us through the jungle and introduced us to many interesting plants and trees.

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Jim Thompson (born James Harrison Wilson Thompson) was best known as the Thai Silk King when he revived the Thai silk and textile industry in the 1950s and 1960s. Thompson went missing on the afternoon of March 26, 1967 in Cameron Highlands, when he went for a stroll in the nearby jungle. He was never seen or heard from again, and his body was never found.

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Wild Ginger

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“Tiger Balm” leaf

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Edible flowers

Along the way, Madi plucked some edible flowers for us to try, pointed out a leaf that smelt like tiger balm, got me some citronella to keep mosquitoes at bay and taught me how to appreciate nature. He is very particular about keeping the jungle clean and would stop just to pick up rubbish left by irresponsible guests.

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Madi also showed me a really large fern tree, which was said to be the biggest fern in the world; they call her the queen fern. This trail was also a test of fitness because it rained slightly during the walk and the ground was wet. Remember to wear shoes with good grip as the soil is slippery.

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Queen Fern

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Largest fern in the world

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Wild pandan

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Wild bamboo

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At the top

I was determined to prove I could finish the trail and we did it in slightly over 2 hours. Apparently, Madi thought I was very fragile and he didn’t think I was cut out for jungle walks. I did make a small blunder towards the end, when I did a ‘tarzan’ with the ropes while climbing down the slope. Both rif and Madi couldn’t stop laughing. #evil

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Hello Madi!

Besides the Jim Thompson Mystery Trail, Cameron Highlands Resort also offers twelve other trail excursions. You can view the list of trails and information here. Guests can also visit the tea plantation, weekend night market in Tanah Rata and Orang Asli Village in their free time.

Dinner at Gonbei was lovely. Imagine having shabu-shabu (steamboat) in such chilly weather. Best steamboat ever! For more information on Cameron Highlands Resort, visit their official site here. Read about my Fresh Strawberry Escapade spa experience here, breakfast at The Dining Room here, my shabu shabu dinner at Gonbei here and my Jim Thompson Tea Room review here.

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Cameron Highlands Resort
By The Golf Course,
39000 Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: 03 2783 1000

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