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July 31, 2012

Protein-Silk Fibre Eyelash Extensions

Protein-Silk Fibre Eyelash Extensions

I read on a few beauty blogs that claimed eyelash extensions are painless and gives you natural looking, thick eyelashes – a dream come true if you have short lashes like me. After hesitating for a few months, I decided to try it upon seeing this offer on Groupon. Instead on RM318, I paid RM88 for more than 2 hours of torturous Protein-Silk Fibre Eyelash Extensions at Your Beauty Image Centre in SS2.

Before the extensions

While it could be my rotten luck for getting an inexperienced (I feel she is) beautician or maybe because I have sensitive skin around the eyes, I had a terrible time throughout the procedure. This was way more painful than getting a Brazilian wax. Instead of using a soft eye pad to protect the skin area under my eye, the girl used a tape similar to the ones used to create double eyelids on my skin. It was extremely uncomfortable and painful to remove.

The right way to do eyelash extensions

She was also careless with the lash extension glue, leaving quite a bit of smudge marks on my skin. I expected her to glue the lashes one by one, but she didn’t. Instead, she used a cluster of three eyelashes which I felt was clumpy. For a ‘Protein-Silk Fibre Eyelash’, the extensions sure felt like a synthetic one – hard, like those China imported false eyelashes you get from pasar malam.

Single eyelash strands

Cluster of three eyelashes

When she used the lash extension glue remover to remove the glue stains she carelessly left on my skin and eyelashes, it was almost unbearable. The feeling was akin to applying a harsh nail polish remover around the eye area/massaging the area with sandpaper! I kept tearing because it was painful, and this went on for 2 hours. Her employer came into the room (and probably noticed how badly she messed up), and quickly offered me a soothing eye gel to calm the affected areas.

After the eyelash extensions. I covered my sore patches with Kiss Me Lift Moist Q10 Concealer.

The skin under my eyes was sore for more than a day, and I had to use copious amount of eye cream to soothe the pain. While my eyelashes are thicker, it doesn’t look as good as the Kiss Me false eyelashes. The latter elongates my eyes with a nice wing-tip effect at the end of the eye, whereas the extensions are limited to the original eyelash area. Which isn’t much in my case.

Washing my face is now a pain as I have to avoid wetting the eyelashes for fear they might fall off. The only thing I like about having them on is the fact that I don’t have to worry about my false eyelashes falling off. But considering so many cons, I would rather spend that extra 1 minute a day (and the occasional touch up) applying my Kiss Me false eyelashes.

Touch up for the extensions is RM30 and RM60 if too many fall off. If I’m not mistaken, they also charge RM30 to remove the extensions. A first and last experience for me.

*edit 9.10am: One cluster fell off, so there is now an unsightly bald patch on my left eye. Touch up is free within the first week (with appointment) and I don’t know if I want to go through the painful ordeal this soon…

If you still insist on getting eyelash extensions, I suggest you go to a proper and better known beauty centre. I wouldn’t recommend the one I went to: Your Image Beauty Centre. Geez…should have known better than to trust group buying sites for beauty deals!

Just in case you happen to be a sadist:
Your Image Beauty Centre
No. 33,
Jalan SS 2/66,
46730 Petaling Jaya,

14 Responses

  1. Ouch…that was a painful experience.
    With all the maintenance fee, time spent on maintenance..and the extra care when you washes your face…it sounded so ‘ma farn’!
    Guess…it would be easier to just put on fake eyelashes..at least sometimes you’ll have a breathable eye. Moreover you only spent 1 minute to put on the falsie!! That’s a really quick one!

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Very mafan indeed. I thought I had to share this experience with girls as some claims about the extensions are misleading.

      Hahahaha…used to sticking false eyelashes already. #pageanttrained 😛

  2. Hitomi

    Gosh, I wouldn’t bother to even go to extend my eyelashes. I’m not good with sticking fake lashes on myself and the wearing experience was not comfortable compared to real lashes, so what I resort to is fibre mascara to thicken and elongate my lashes. So comfortable that I would do the same for my wedding lol 😀

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Fibre mascaras are great, especially because of the elongating effects. But they always leave smudgemarks on my undereye, which is why I stopped using them and stuck to false eyelashes instead. 😉

  3. Yikes! Sounds super painful..
    Was actually considering to try them out with all the cheap deals going on out there. Maybe not after reading this 🙂

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Best to look for a reliable beauty parlour if you’re still keen on doing so. 🙂

  4. feel sorry to hear about your experience, RM 88 sound like a good deal but if such service was given I don’t think I want to buy lor >.<
    Thanks for revealing this 😛

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Yeah, was so disappointed with the service. The outcome wasn’t worth the pain.

  5. Pomme

    You get what you pay lah. For all you know they purposely assigned an inexperienced staff to attend to you coz you paid rm88 instead of the usual price. You know lah Malaysia, typical. Tak pernah ikhlas buat business one. Well not all, but unscrupulous ones like this.

  6. Eyelash extension is in demand in salon. My advice to others is do research before going to the nearest salon in your place.

  7. Nikita

    i had my first done in Taipei 3 weeks ago, TWD79 i choose sexy style which is longer at the end part, great job, painless, done within an hour. Then I try again 1 in Puchong still good, normal price Rm128, first trial Rm98.

    E Image Aesthetic Address: 46-1, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong. Business Hour: Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 7pm (Monday Off)

  8. Sharon

    OMG… she did a terrible job!! You can even see the ‘heads’ of the eyelashes on the base. One of the WORST extensions that I have seen. :/

  9. Eileen

    Hi do you have any recommendation on eye lashes extension in one Utama?

  10. Eyelash Extension Service requires to have good knowledge and skills, good quality products are important for us. All these will help us to keep our customer willing to pay $$ we offer but the main thing is confident that we can give to our client. Plus as a eyelash extension technician we need to know also our client whether they suitable for EE service or not? We normally will find out this during the consultation, is not all about business sometime. But is all about what we can do our best to provide a good service to get the satisfaction/confident after the service..(^_^)

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