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Over the past few months, I’ve been watching quite a bit of wedding videos to get a rough idea of how I want our video to be. As most of you know, we’ve engaged in the services of Nigel Sia, who will be our videographer for the ROM as well as the actual day. Apart from that, Nigel will also be coming with up with a video teaser and a special video highlighting our dating days…leading up to the proposal. So far, things are looking very positive.

Behind the scenes

We filmed our wedding video in July, and the whole process took 10 hours and spanned across 5 locations. Remember our meet-up with Nigel? That was when he talked to us about how we met, the highlights of our relationship and what we wanted for our video. A week before the video shoot, Nigel emailed us his proposed storyboard and things took off from there. I won’t reveal this special video until the wedding dinner (video will be uploaded on my blog after the wedding), but here’s a sneak peak/behind the scene of what we’ve worked on.

The school scene was a bit difficult because I had to get permission to enter our old school (new headmistress) and a decent looking classroom – government school, go figure – to do our filming. When I got that part settled, the next issue was getting a school uniform. Sylvia, my wedding planner’s assistant managed to find me a pinafore that fit just right. For this scene, Nigel told me I needed to look the part, so I skipped the make-up and changed my hairstyle (don’t worry, I didn’t cut my hair — it’s just a wig). I don’t know you, but I think the wig did the trick! I got mine from My Dream Cottage.

Nigel came with a team of ‘actors’ – Kel Li, Harinder, Jenkin, Daphne, Simon, Jason and Ren. Jason and Ren were there throughout the shoot, helping Nigel with the videography. The others helped make the school scene more believable. Thanks guys, for the effort! The one thing that struck me about Nigel (apart from his ability to conceptualise) was his attention to detail and structure. Things were done efficiently and with structure from the storyboard. He had a checklist of what we needed to do, which he used as a reference.

He came equipped with five DSLRs (plus tripod, mike, slider…etc) for our video which he changed as and when he felt was needed. We had good fun throughout the 10-hour shoot as Nigel was very accommodative and easy to work with. For those who are looking for a videographer to do your wedding video, give him a shout via email ([email protected]) or twitter (twitter.com/nigelais)! You can also give him a ring at 016-384 4617.

*If you’re looking for a less conventional wedding video (ie: boring, bridal studio compilation), Nigel’s your man. But before you engage in his services, let me kindly remind you that he’s off limits on October 8 (first half of the day) and November 19 (full day) 2011. :)

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