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March 8, 2011

Wedding Videographer – Nigel Sia

rif and I have engaged in Nigel Sia’s videography services for our big day. I met Nigel about 2 years back, when he was working with my friend Micheal in an advertising agency. I chose Nigel after watching his video Mike + Shannon. Love the concept and storyline.

First round of ideas

Nigel understands my style quite well (after a short chat) and is open to suggestions. My first meeting with him was at the wedding planner’s office. We talked about the wedding videos I’ve watched and liked, what I wanted in my wedding video and a little bit about rif and myself. Nigel took notes and threw in a few ideas of his own.

rif sharing his thoughts with Nigel

We met up last Thursday to touch base on the video direction and concept rif and I wanted. For a groom, rif had a lot of input, which was a good thing! He told Nigel about our dating days, how he proposed, the things he did prior to the proposal, etc.

Nigel gave us some suggestions and we were both pleased with what he proposed to do. Location might be a problem, but I will talk to the people in charge to see if I can get permission to film in those places.

Those issues aside, things are looking good from the videography side. I can’t wait to see the Nigel’s storyboard on the proposed concept for our wedding video! *rubs hands in glee*

Check out Nigel’s blog HERE and view his videos HERE.

2 Responses

  1. AugustDiners

    oo.. looks like the preparations are going smoothly! can't wait for the pictures of your big day!

  2. Kimberly Low

    great choice with nigel! love his work too 😀 and nice fella 😀

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