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After going to a few bridal studios, I finally found a gown I like. Make that three gowns. Based on what I wanted and the pictures I showed, one of the staff (I’ll call her “Jane”)choose two gowns which were pretty spot-on to what I wanted.

I think this gown is nice. I’m definitely wearing this for the wedding dinner walk-in…unless they have a nicer gown by the end of the year. The gown is fully lace and the mermaid cutting suits me well. Jane will need to alter the gown to fit me perfectly. For now, this is “the” dress I want.

I think the colour is gorgeous and I love love love the back! This is most likely the evening gown I’m wearing for the dinner.

Ignore the no make-up face and focus on the dress. :)

This wedding gown is very similar to the gown I wanted from the gowns I browsed online. The cutting, the folds, the details, the train…

Since it’s not as elaborate as the lace gown (1st gown), I’m using this for the photoshoot and maybe the tea pouring ceremony. That’s if they allow me to wear two wedding gowns on the actual day.

For more wedding updates, you can hope over to our wedding blog. I posted pictures of more dresses there. :)

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