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Design 1

I was at the jeweler a few days ago to resize my ring (the size, not the diamond), and we were talking about wedding band designs. When rif designed my engagement ring, he took into consideration how my wedding band would fit the ring, and how both would complement each other.

Design 1 – Top View

We both like Design 1 (Tiffany inspired), and I’m thinking of combining Design 1 with Design 2 (also Tiffany inspired). I think the shape of the second ring would go nicely with the engagement ring, don’t you think?

Design 2

When the jeweler recommended Design 1, I was worried it might look too much with my ring. But he assures me it would look just right, and that he will tweak the design a little. Oh well, it’s still in the early stage, and we’re still looking around for wedding band designs.

My engagement ring

rif’s idea of his wedding band is totally different from mine. I have a gut feeling his band is going to be harder to make than mine. I just hope our rings won’t look too different from each other!

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