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October 13, 2010

My beauty secrets…REVEALED!

Everyone has been asking me how come I don’t get fat even though I blog about food. I get the same question many times a day, and my answers have become jaded. Today, I’m going to share with you my beauty and slimming secrets. So take note!

MY BEAUTY KIT *smirks*

Nu3 Acai Fiber (RM145 – East Malaysia, RM138 – West Malaysia)

This product is god-sent, and I’ve been taking it for almost a year. It flushes out toxin and bad fat by cleansing the bowel. You can actually see coagulated bits of fat in the toilet bowl when you pass motion (gross, I know!). At least it happens to me, since I eat so much fatty things.

Add 150ml water (room temperature)

Stir thoroughly

Unlike other fiber/laxative-based drinks, Acai Fiber does not flush out good nutrients and vitamins – it actually increases the absorption of nutrients. It only removes fat, toxin and bad bacteria in the body. It helps regulate bowel movement – you’ll be amazed at how much s**t you have in your body.The recommended consumption is ONE SACHET A DAY, so don’t be foolish like me – I tried taking two, and was stuck in the toilet for more than an hour. ~_~
This is my dinner, 3 times a week. So stop asking me why I don’t gain weight. Eat this, and then you’ll know! After a heavy/unhealthy meal like this, this and this, I usually have a fiber-based dinner (fruits, sawi juice and oats), followed by a sachet of Acai Fiber 2 hours after dinner.

Everything bad comes out the next morning. If you’re bowels are super efficient, you might go to the toilet at 2-3am. I also noticed that it cleanses my system of the alcohol I consume. After a beer session or a night out, I’d usually “go”.

Don’t think…JUST DRINK!! It actually tastes like berries.

This gave me a flatter tummy during pageants, especially bikini round. I didn’t have time to go to the gym (I was too tired) and I wasn’t getting enough fiber throughout the meals. I never skipped a day of drinking this during my pageant week. This tastes like berries, which is actually quite delicious to drink. Don’t be fooled by its green-ess!

Nu3.Acai Plus (RM162 – East Malaysia, RM150 – West Malaysia)

I call it my collagen drink. I’m very particular about collagen, as it is what keeps us looking youthful. Did you know that collagen make up 85% of the tendon, 75% of the skin, 50% of the joint cartilage and 20% of the bone density? The Acai Berry is high in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria.
I drink this in the morning, as my breakfast drink. Before you start smacking me for obsessing over my appearance, let me remind you — MAINTENANCE IS BETTER THAN REPAIR! It does make a difference in the skin. I hardly have breakouts (unless it’s THAT time of the month), and my skin feels supple all the time.

Add 160ml lukewarm water


Consume immediately

While I use good skincare products, this one helps restore/maintain youthfulness from the inside. If only they have Acai Plus injections for the eyes and forehead. *kidding*

Also quite pleasant to drink, trust me!

EcoBelle Hydromiracle Mask (RM155 – East Malaysia, RM148 – West Malaysia) was what got me started with EcoFirst Products.
They sponsored my first pageant (Miss Malaysia Universe 2008) and I found the face mask very good. I called them up to order more face masks, and slowly tried their other products. Unlike other masks, this one is sago based. Yes, you read that right. Sago based.

Sago-based…ultra hydrating!

Forget those chemical dipped face masks. While they claim to have soothing effects, most of them are chemically induced. Ecobelle mask has a soft, gel-like surface that moisturises the skin very well. I know, because my skin gets very dry after wearing make-up for long hours. I use it once a week during the weekends. The mask dries up once the skin absorbs all the “goodness”, and I love how it feels and the amazing results it gives.
Seriously, try the mask – it helps lighten acne scars and has a soothing, hydrotherapy effect. My face feels cleaner, fresher and moisturised each time I use the mask. This is by far the best face mask I’ve tried!

Healthy, radiant skin. I like! =)

This may be an advertorial, but I’m the real testament of how great the products are. For best results, you will also need to practice a healthy diet (load on the fruits & vege) and sleep well.

If you’re keen on trying the products, call them today at 03–8945 2185. Email them your order form/enquiries HERE. For more information, log on to their website at www.ecofirstproducts.com

20 Responses

  1. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Ahhh if only I knew this 20 years ago!

  2. marcky

    I hope the product you're featuring gives you some free gifts at least (I know this isn't an advertorial).

    I'm tempted to give it a try. How much is the Acai Berry thing, and where do I get it at the best price? (tell me privately if necessary)

    Meena: never too late if you have the intention.

  3. Bangsar-bAbE

    marcky – They gave me the products to photograph, and I get to keep my Acai Fiber!! =P

    It's RM145 per box of acai fiber, and worth every cent. I never shared it with my roommate during pageants. She was wondering what it was. No way was I going to let her tummy out-flat mine! Muahahaha…

    Meena – You can always start now. It's great for wellness. 😉

  4. thule a.k.a leo

    wah! very hard-sell huh??? LOL!
    Maybe I can consider the Acai Fiber thingy.. I had more oily and unhealthy stuff compared to you!!

  5. Baby

    can mix the two powders and drink together?

  6. Charlie Pink

    owh… i think your roomie could have used a flatter tummy… =P how many sachets in the acai fiber? I've never detoxed so this would be very interesting!

  7. Vivien

    interesting, am tempted to maintain your daily "diet" too… hehe, although the price tag is uhmm… Anyway, how many piece of mask in one package?

  8. Bangsar-bAbE

    Vivien – Price isn't cheap. But considering how great it works, I didn't mind lor. Beauty & wellness ma… 😉

    There are 5 pieces of face mask in one pack.

    Charlie – Hahaha…well, if it wasn't a competition, I would have spared her one! 15 sachets in a box.

    Baby – I think can. But I usually take the collagen in the morning and the fiber at night.

    leo – Not hard sell. But I'm quite tired of people asking me the same question, so I decided to tell everyone all at once.

    And honestly, I wouldn't promote the products if they don't work. Go try! 😉

  9. janisio

    ahh thanks for sharing. some ppl don't really like to share tips w others. I'm glad u did. will try the collagen drink coz i'm a firm believer of collagen intake, albeit the price 🙁

  10. Bangsar-bAbE

    janisio – You're most welcome! It is a bit costly, but I guess it will benefit in the long run. 😉

  11. mandy

    Where did you purchase the Acai Fiber? Is it available in any pharmacy or any specific wellness stores?

  12. Bangsar-bAbE

    The contact number and details is listed below the advertorial. It is not available anywhere else, so you'll have to call EcoFirst to order.

  13. mandy

    Oops! I think I missed the advertorial 😛 Thanks babe!

  14. pinky gal

    is it ok for my age to took collagen drinks and fiber? +_+
    im 23…my mummy always say 'dont simply buy' her words always remind me whether is healthy or not?or the ingredients is safe enough?

  15. Bangsar-bAbE

    The ingredients are safe. This product has gone through a lot of R&D before it is manufactured. Fiber is always good for you, and it's a good way of cleansing the body.

    As for the collagen, I take it because I wear a lot of high heels and it protects my joints (on top of making me stay youthful). 🙂

  16. pinky gal

    Kkkk thanks! ❤❤❤

  17. Cavithra

    Hi, I bump into your blog after 2 years. So how are you doing? Are you still using the products? Feeling better than before? I tried to acces the webpage http://www.ecofirstproducts.com but seems it has expired. What’s the price now?

    1. Bangsar Babe

      They stopped production. But I bought 30 boxes of this so I have enough to last me for a year or so. 🙂

      It’s the best fiber drink I’ve tried. Sad that they stopped it due to low demand.

  18. Nana

    Hi may I know any fiber drinks can replace this as well please ? Thanks

    After your 30 box can u shared with us again the product u change please ? Thanks for help

  19. Nana

    What is sawi juice btw ,thanks

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