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Everyone has been asking me how come I don’t get fat even though I blog about food. I get the same question many times a day, and my answers have become jaded. Today, I’m going to share with you my beauty and slimming secrets. So take note!

MY BEAUTY KIT *smirks*

Nu3 Acai Fiber (RM145 – East Malaysia, RM138 – West Malaysia)

This product is god-sent, and I’ve been taking it for almost a year. It flushes out toxin and bad fat by cleansing the bowel. You can actually see coagulated bits of fat in the toilet bowl when you pass motion (gross, I know!). At least it happens to me, since I eat so much fatty things.

Add 150ml water (room temperature)

Stir thoroughly

Unlike other fiber/laxative-based drinks, Acai Fiber does not flush out good nutrients and vitamins – it actually increases the absorption of nutrients. It only removes fat, toxin and bad bacteria in the body. It helps regulate bowel movement – you’ll be amazed at how much s**t you have in your body.The recommended consumption is ONE SACHET A DAY, so don’t be foolish like me – I tried taking two, and was stuck in the toilet for more than an hour. ~_~
This is my dinner, 3 times a week. So stop asking me why I don’t gain weight. Eat this, and then you’ll know! After a heavy/unhealthy meal like this, this and this, I usually have a fiber-based dinner (fruits, sawi juice and oats), followed by a sachet of Acai Fiber 2 hours after dinner.

Everything bad comes out the next morning. If you’re bowels are super efficient, you might go to the toilet at 2-3am. I also noticed that it cleanses my system of the alcohol I consume. After a beer session or a night out, I’d usually “go”.

Don’t think…JUST DRINK!! It actually tastes like berries.

This gave me a flatter tummy during pageants, especially bikini round. I didn’t have time to go to the gym (I was too tired) and I wasn’t getting enough fiber throughout the meals. I never skipped a day of drinking this during my pageant week. This tastes like berries, which is actually quite delicious to drink. Don’t be fooled by its green-ess!

Nu3.Acai Plus (RM162 – East Malaysia, RM150 – West Malaysia)

I call it my collagen drink. I’m very particular about collagen, as it is what keeps us looking youthful. Did you know that collagen make up 85% of the tendon, 75% of the skin, 50% of the joint cartilage and 20% of the bone density? The Acai Berry is high in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria.
I drink this in the morning, as my breakfast drink. Before you start smacking me for obsessing over my appearance, let me remind you — MAINTENANCE IS BETTER THAN REPAIR! It does make a difference in the skin. I hardly have breakouts (unless it’s THAT time of the month), and my skin feels supple all the time.

Add 160ml lukewarm water


Consume immediately

While I use good skincare products, this one helps restore/maintain youthfulness from the inside. If only they have Acai Plus injections for the eyes and forehead. *kidding*

Also quite pleasant to drink, trust me!

EcoBelle Hydromiracle Mask (RM155 – East Malaysia, RM148 – West Malaysia) was what got me started with EcoFirst Products.
They sponsored my first pageant (Miss Malaysia Universe 2008) and I found the face mask very good. I called them up to order more face masks, and slowly tried their other products. Unlike other masks, this one is sago based. Yes, you read that right. Sago based.

Sago-based…ultra hydrating!

Forget those chemical dipped face masks. While they claim to have soothing effects, most of them are chemically induced. Ecobelle mask has a soft, gel-like surface that moisturises the skin very well. I know, because my skin gets very dry after wearing make-up for long hours. I use it once a week during the weekends. The mask dries up once the skin absorbs all the “goodness”, and I love how it feels and the amazing results it gives.
Seriously, try the mask – it helps lighten acne scars and has a soothing, hydrotherapy effect. My face feels cleaner, fresher and moisturised each time I use the mask. This is by far the best face mask I’ve tried!

Healthy, radiant skin. I like! =)

This may be an advertorial, but I’m the real testament of how great the products are. For best results, you will also need to practice a healthy diet (load on the fruits & vege) and sleep well.

If you’re keen on trying the products, call them today at 03–8945 2185. Email them your order form/enquiries HERE. For more information, log on to their website at www.ecofirstproducts.com

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