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Bangsar-bAbE: Shum shum, I’m taking you and rif for lunch this Saturday. So meet me at my place and we can go from there, ok?

Shum: Where are we going?

Bangsar-bAbE: Not telling you. Just wear casual clothes and try not to wear long pants or a long sleeve shirt. And bring your appetite!

Shum: Yerrrrr!!! *gives me her annoyed look when I don’t tell her things*

Come Saturday, the three of us got into rif’s car and headed towards Batu Caves.

Within 30 minutes, we were at Pan Heong, a restaurant famous for its Sang Har Hor Fun and porridge. At 12.15pm, the place was packed with many people (us included) waiting for a table.

I ordered the Sang Har Hor Fun, which was essentially a dish of fresh water prawns over flat rice noodles in thick gravy. This is highly recommended by rif (this fella really pandai makan!) because according to him, the natural sweetness of the prawns brings out the flavour of the gravy. You need to order a minimum of two prawns and you can choose between hor fun or loh shi fun (rats tail noodles).

Our noodles (RM36) came with two medium-sized prawns (halved) with their heads full of bright orange roe. Just the sight of it immediately made my mouth water. The orange-ish gravy was full of prawn-y goodness and it was rich with roe.

The prawns were bouncy, sweet and succulent; its sweetness was enhanced by the rich and earthy flavour of rice wine. This clever combination of juicy prawns, gravy and wok hei tinged noodles was wickedly delicious! I’m salivating as I’m writing this… *wipes drool*

Stewed pork is one of my favourite things to eat, but my mum would NEVER let me eat such fatty meat. Seeing how deprived I am, the kau yuk mai fun (vermicelli with stewed pork) is definitely a must order whenever I get the chance to do so! (RM15)

The fatty pork was full of flavour and almost melts in the mouth. Each strand of the springy mee hoon was well coated with stewed pork oil and gravy. It also had a distinct wok hei, and I enjoyed this tremendously!

I saw a few tables having a plate of nam yue pork (RM11.50) so I followed suit. Nam yue is a red fermented beancurd that is very salty with a distinctive flavour and a hint of rice wine.

The pork had a light and crispy exterior, while the inside was tender with just the right ratio of meat and fat. It is best eaten hot as the meat becomes slightly harder once it turns cold.

Halfway through our food, we got greedy and ordered the loh mee with frog legs for 2 people (RM15.50). Topped with fragrant fried shallots, the thick and flavourful gravy was further heightened with a dash of vinegar.

I reckon the gravy is similar to the one used in the sang har hor fun, but the frog legs gave it a different twist. This tasted lighter and less rich compared to the former.

I didn’t care much for frog legs but it was smooth and tender. While the loh mee was decent, it failed to outdo the sang har noodles and kau yuk mai fun. We couldn’t finish the mee as we were very full, so we tapau-ed the balance home.

All the above came up to RM81.30 inclusive of 2 cups of herbal tea and one Chinese tea. Pretty reasonable don’t you think? It’s quite difficult to find parking…so exercise some patience and be prepared to walk!

Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 7/10
Food: (non-halal)
Sang Har Hor Fun : 7.5/10
Kau Yuk Mai Fun: 7/10
Nam Yue Pork : 7/10
Frog Leg Loh Mee: 7/10
Verdict: Possibly the best Sang Har noodles I’ve had, and the kau yuk mai fun is a must order!

No. 2
Jln Medan Batu Caves 2
03 6187 7430
Business Hours: 8am-3.30pm

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