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10 Years On

by Bangsar Babe

It’s been close to 10 years ago since I started this blog and looking back, the Bangsar Babe brand has come a long way. Or at least it seems so to me. What initially began as a food and travel diary is now a trademarked brand with endorsements and collaborations with other lifestyle brands.

Many have asked – how do I do what I do and remain motivated throughout the years? My answer remains the same. I’m doing what I love.

“Is blogging even considered a respectable career?”

“You’re not young anymore. You ought to find proper job to secure your future.”

I’ve heard those too many a times.

To me, what matters is that you love what you do, whether it makes you a lot of money or not. Because of my passion and dedication towards my brand, I’m able to give it my best. Because I love what I do, I put in my best efforts in delivering quality work all the time. People will eventually see your passion through your work.

As the Bangsar Babe brand approaches her 10th year in the social media scene, I feel a mix of overwhelming emotions – happy, excited, proud and mostly, grateful for having come this far.

Never allow yourself to listen to those who tell you that your dreams are impossible to achieve. It may be a long journey but when you get there, the pride of accomplishment is priceless.

This #ChangeDestiny video from SK-II speaks to me on a personal level, because like the women in the video, I’m often subjected to people’s expectation of what a woman should be to be deemed as “good enough” or “successful”.

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