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S.H.E.W. Takes Me Further

by Bangsar Babe

When I started my own digital marketing agency, driving no longer was an option, but a necessity. I meet clients and go for meetings on a daily basis so public transportation (as convenient as it was for me in the past) isn’t ideal anymore. I drive everywhere for work now – to different parts of Klang Valley.


This has been on-going for almost a year and I’m certain the wear and tear for my vehicle is now greater than what it used to be. And those driving in Klang Valley (especially the city centre) can definitely empathise with how insane the traffic is, not just during rush hour, but on a regular basis. It adds to the wear and tear of the vehicle, especially the engine.


Headed to Klang in search of hidden gems

Before Shell came up with S.H.E.W. (Shell Helix Engine Warranty), I was concerned about the repair cost should my car engine give way. Especially since the engine is the “heart” of the vehicle – a “heart replacement” wouldn’t come cheap.


Klang has plenty of good food though the drive can be long. Thankfully, S.H.E.W. gives me the assurance I need for Baby Belle’s engine.

With the assurance of S.H.E.W., I can drive around Klang Valley doing what I do for a living without worrying too much about the vehicle’s wear and tear. That’s because the main component (the engine) is covered for up to 12 years or 200,000km from the car’s manufacturing date. This warranty is FREE and applies to every purchase of a 4-litre pack Shell Helix Ultra and Shell Helix HX7.

All the way to Klang for Roti Canai

“Best roti canai” in Klang Valley, so they claim! ;)

Really good roti bom


It’s been six months since I’ve signed up for S.H.E.W. and the thought of this warranty has been giving me peace of mind when I drive around with Baby Belle. She is getting older but I like to think I’ve maintained her well, especially with Shell Helix Ultra.


If you care for your vehicle and your safety on the road, sign up for S.H.E.W. today at any authorised S.H.E.W. workshop or Shell Petrol Station between 1st November 2016 till 31st January 2017. The holidays are fast approaching and for those who are planning their “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia”, do get your vehicle serviced and engine insured with Shell.


You’ll also get a complimentary pair of movie tickets when you sign up or renew your S.H.E.W. warranty. Win win situation! Your mechanic will sign you up or you can self-register. For more details on how to get that free pair of movie tickets, visit www.shell.com.my/shewoffer. ;)

For more information about S.H.E.W., visit the official website here.

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