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Nyuk Min, SS2

by Bangsar Babe

While most of my blogging peers look for new and trendy restaurants and cafes that seem to be mushrooming in town, I prefer to stick to my favourite local spots. My readers’ recommendations are what I take quite seriously and one of them suggested Nyuk Min in SS2 after I blogged about the wantan mee just a few doors away.


Buttermilk chicken chop rice

I’ve walked past Nyuk Min several times but only stepped in when my reader Chun Wei recommended the butter milk chicken rice there. I ordered just that and it wasn’t long until I was served. Note that I went there for a rather late lunch – close to 2pm, so waiting time would differ.


Tastewise, I thought it was decent though I wished they gave me more gravy. There wasn’t enough to go with all the rice (though it seemed enough at first); I reckon an ala carte portion would be better. The chicken was adequately tender and the skin was crisp, while the butter milk gravy was aromatic from the curry leaves and spices.


Sweet & sour pork rice

rif had the sweet and sour pork rice which was alright but nothing that would make me “oooh” or “aaah” about. It was a decent rice meal but that’s pretty much it. We also ordered a portion of fried pork loin to share – tender, juicy and well-seasoned.



Deep fried pork loin

Because I’m greedy (obviously), I ordered the Pattaya fried kuay teow as well. The noodles are slightly on the wet side which I don’t mind, though some people might find it too saucy. It didn’t have that wok hei I was hoping for, though there was enough flavour overall.


Pattaya fried kuay teow

All in, the food was alright and prices are reasonable. You’re looking at about RM10 per plate of rice meal and RM15 for the pork loin. Not a place I would rave about but if you’re looking for a simple meal around the area, this is an option. :)

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 5.5/10 (non halal)
Verdict: The butter milk chicken chop rice was decent though it could use more gravy.


Nyuk Min
38, Jalan SS2/66,
47300, Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7874 8717

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