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Utropolis, Glenmarie

by Bangsar Babe

“Opportunities are never lost. Someone else will take the ones that you missed.”

I think that’s pretty much how it is when it comes to investing in a good property. There are many things to consider when you’re buying or investing in a property – tenure (freehold or leasehold), location, facilities, surrounding development and transportation modes.


Utropolis Glenmarie by Paramount Property

At least, those are some of the key things I normally look out for when I look at investing in properties. While rif and I are pretty set on living in Bangsar, we often look at other properties (usually apartments) to invest in. And one of the issue we noted from previous investment is the reliability of the developer and contractor they use.


There are three bedrooms per unit


Ideal for young couples, small families and students


Plenty of space to play around with your creativity

Because a good developer would be hands on when dealing with their contractor, to make sure the completed development matches what is promised to investors. Larger developers tend to have a stronger reputation but again, I’ve heard complaints when it came to key collection and unit inspection.

Paramount Property started off as a township developer, before branching out to residential, commercial, retail, educational, industrial and integrated developments. Utropolis Glenmarie is one of the development under their umbrella of properties, based on the concept of a university metropolis where KDU University College is an anchor.

This 21.7 acres development houses education and property in one place – an ideal synergy if properly executed. The retail and residential components look pretty good so far, the tenant portfolio is strong and nicely balanced. I think that’s quite important as the surroundings of a property is also a deciding factor on its value.


Dining Area


Living Area

I had a look at their Type D show unit, a 3-bedroom space with dual key feature that is ideal for young couples, small families and students. The Type F unit is similar, but without the dual key feature so it really depends on your requirements as a tenant/investor. Given how easily accessible Utropolis is via ELITE Highway, Federal Highway, Guthrie Corridor and North Klang Valley Expressway plus strong public transportation links (trains and LRT), I find it a worthwhile investment especially since Paramount Property is offering the DreamPlans option.


Love what they did with this part of the room!


It’s basically an investment campaign that gives you double income – 24 month of income (RM3,600 per month x 24 months) guaranteed by the developer and a potential rent rate of RM2,800 per month on top of the guaranteed first income. You will enjoy the benefits of DreamPlans once the developer hands over the unit or passes you the key. This allows better financial flexibility especially if you’re acquiring a unit for investment purposes.

In a nutshell – assuming you get both the rent rate and guaranteed income from the developer, it will most likely cover your monthly loan instalment and maintenance fee, and you will still have extra pocket money to spend!


Kitchen area


I like how ‘open’ the space is. It makes the unit look big and bright


If you ask me, I like how Paramount Property creates a self-contained living, learning, playing and working environment to ensure a lasting ecosystem for its tenants and investors. I’m actually eyeing on the Dual Key unit, which moves so fast I can’t get the unit I want. Yes, I’m quite particular about unit feng shui (and house number) when it comes to property.

Paramount Property recently launched the DreamPlans option for their Type F units so before they’re sold out, do check them out and see the potential for yourself.

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