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Prepping for Haig Club Shanghai

by Bangsar Babe

When I heard the next Haig Club event was to be in Shanghai, I was really excited to see what they have in store for us. Both London and Miami were amazing and different, and I’m certain Shanghai will have an element of its own.

With everything booked and sorted by Haig Club, all I needed to do was prep for the big event – from getting the right dress to understanding the whisky’s positioning in the market. Ok fine, it’s not really an influencer requirement to know the latter but as a brand and marketing specialist myself, I like to figure that part out. Plus it helps when I speak to people about it. ;)

Haig Club

All set for Haig Club Shanghai!

Haig Club

Welcome kit in my suite

It’s been one year since my appointment as an influencer for Haig Club and I’ve had a wonderful time thus far. We’re treated like VIPs all the time and working closely with Haig Club allows me to better understand the fundamentals of the whisky. Like why is the bottle blue and the common misconceptions people have towards single grain whiskies.

It’s so great to be able to catch up with the other influencers and since this is my third Haig Club event, I am already quite familiar with everyone especially the global brand team and their PR agency. Amazing people and always so accommodating; I just don’t know how they do it!

Haig Club

My suite at Waldorf Astoria Shanghai

This time around, I’m staying in the suite at Waldorf Astoria and the room is beautiful. It’s huge and plush, a bit of art nouveau especially if you’re staying in the old wing. I got in on Wednesday evening and it’s been a day of rest before Thursday, which is a full day for Haig Club Shanghai.

Haig Club

Ready to roll!

I have to really thank Ann and the ladies (Sharon & Cynthia) at Wedding Isle Gallery for designing my gown for Shanghai. It’s beautiful and in such a royal colour – I never thought I would be able to pull off red but I did. It’s more structured compared to my previous gowns and has a bit of a train for grandeur. Love it!

Haig Club

Haig Club

Decided to go for a simple bun this time around

As for my hair, it was coloured and treated by Raymond Choon of Hairco, and since I was wearing red, he toned down my hair colour to something more burgundy-tinged. My nails were also beautifully prepped by Apronbay. Opted for a simple bun and a pair of earrings and bracelet from Mori Pin to keep things minimal. For my clutch, I had some help from The Bag Atelier in the form of a gold Swarovski clutch that matches my heels.

Haig Club

Thank you The Bag Atelier for the clutch, Mori Pin for accessories and Shu Uemura for the makeup!

I did my own makeup this time around but of course, with the guidance of Brenda from Shu Uemura prior to my departure. And Dr Chiam from DRx insisted on two facials in 10 days, leading up to the event. I’m so blessed to have a great team in Malaysia backing me all the time.

Haig Club

Touch-ups before getting into my dress

It’s freezing cold outside and I’m waiting for the car to pick me up for the photoshoot, interview and dinner with David and his esteemed guests. It will be quite a star-studded event as a few Chinese celebrities will be joining us tonight, as well as Coco Rocha.

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