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by Bangsar Babe

As one of the two influencers for Haig Club Malaysia, I celebrated Haig Club London in one of the most stylish cities in the world and dined with the legend himself, David Beckham. The three days I spent in London were definitely one of the most luxurious — from flight to suite, photoshoot and b-roll, to the dinner itself.


Makeup and hair for Haig Club London

It was elaborate, tasteful and every bit as exclusive. On the day of the photoshoot and dinner, a team of makeup artist and hairstylist set up their workstation in my suite and as soon as I was ready, there was a chauffeur to send me to the photoshoot and dinner location — Wellington Arch.


Wellington Arch, lit up in blue to celebrate the occasion


My official picture for Haig Club London

While the photoshoot and b-roll session weren’t an issue for me, I was admittedly rather star-struck when it was my turn to meet David and have our official photo taken together. Took me a good 5 seconds to snap out of the blur, after David said, “Hello Sue Lynn. Welcome to London.” Like what I was told, David was very down to earth and most accommodating. I was so dazed that I forgot to request for a horizontal shot for my blog header!



Ewan Gunn, kick starting our dinner

Only after the photo session was done, I realised my boo boo. David actually approached me to ask if everything was ok and when he found out, he quickly offered to take another few pictures. The influencers include Toc Tien, Ngoc Ha, Lee Seo Jin, Kate Walsh, Howard Cai, Benjamin Kheng, Tracy Phillips, Bryan Loo and myself.


With Benjamin Kheng, Lee Seo Jin and Bryan Loo


Roast beef fillet with beef cheek, paired with Haig Club Queen of Scotch


Haig Club is a partnership with David Beckham and British entrepreneur Simon Fuller (right)

Our dinner featured a series of fine dishes, each paired with a Haig Club cocktail. It was a night of mingling, photo-taking and a celebration of what style should be. I feel so honoured to be among celebrities and public figures; and most of all, being able to experience Haig Club London.

Truly an experience of a lifetime!


Such an honour, standing next to global icon and legend, David Beckham!

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