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Haig Club Miami
September 20, 2015

Haig Club Miami

Like Haig Club London, Haig Club Miami was celebrated in style and full of flair. Everything was impeccably done – from the setup and décor, right down to the food and cocktails. I’m honoured to be invited by David, to join him for dinner to celebrate the brand and in a city he calls his second home.

Haig Club Miami

Making my entrance to Haig Club Miami

I’m so fortunate to have great support from the people back home. From the perfect dress, right accessories, nails, hair and makeup, everything was put together nicely for me prior to my departure.

This time around, I decided to do without a makeup artist as I felt more comfortable working on my face, with the help of Brenda from Shu Uemura. I had a makeup session with her where she taught me some tricks on how to enhance my eyes and eyebrows so I felt quite confident I could hack it on my own.

Haig Club Miami

Checking out the Haig Club Mini with Alex, Toc Tien, Kate & Ly

I did however need help with my hair as I’m quite hopeless at curling it. My hair stylist did a great job is giving me soft curls and volume, and I love how it falls nicely on my face. The team on site was amazing – so helpful and accommodating throughout. Especially during the event. 🙂

Haig Club Miami

Official photo with David (outdoor)

They helped me with my gown as I moved around the property (the ground was slippery from the rain), made sure I had everything I needed for the dinner and worked through dinner and the morning after to make sure all influencers receive the official photos.

Haig Club Miami

Official photo with David

David was amazing as usual – so sporting and accommodating throughout. I forgot my script cue and he laughed it off and said it’s OK to fumble.

Haig Club Miami

Pre dinner cocktails with Ewan

Haig Club Miami

Private dinner with David and guests

Compared to London, there was a lot more cocktails in Haig Club Miami. I reckon we had about 7-8 different cocktails to drink that night and if I hadn’t finished all my food, I would have been rather light headed.

Haig Club Miami

Florida Shrimp Ceviche | Haig Club Liquid Tiradito

Haig Club Miami

Duck Leg Confit | Haig Club Rumpelstiltskin

Haig Club Miami

Salt Crust Snapper | Haig Club Honey Bee

Haig Club Miami

Braised Then Grilled Short Rib of Beef | Haig Club Spanish Scotchman

Haig Club Miami

Banana Tres Leches Pudding | Haig Club Brose

Got to sit next to Ewan during dinner so that was fun and the food was really to my liking. There’s plenty of flavours and textures going on in each dish so I was constantly excited with every new course.

Haig Club Miami

With David & Dule Hill

Haig Club Miami

Ewan | Tracy | Myself | Kate

I had plenty of fun and because it’s my second time to Haig Club’s dinner series, I was more relaxed. Partly because I grew familiar with some people so I wasn’t as nervous as before.

Haig Club Miami

Thank you David, for being such an amazing host!

Haig Club Miami was truly an amazing experience and the team definitely outdid themselves. Definitely an experience I’ll remember for a long, long time!

Dress: De Cynthia Couture
Makeup: Shu Uemura
Hair colour: L’Oréal Professionnel
Nails: Apronbay
Clutch: Mori Pin

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2 Responses

  1. Jo

    u look gorgeous!!!

  2. Brad

    Not to make excuses for my fellow Americans, but most only know of Malaysia what they’ve heard or seen on the news (and then only what they’ve heard or seen lately / most recently). Sadly, the most notable items of late were thrown out / at you on your trip to the States. Malaysia is a beautiful country with amazing people and fantastic food / cuisine. Please don’t think that everyone in the States only knows Malaysia by Flight 370 or the recent news stories about government corruption (although that might be the case for a higher percentage of Americans than I’d care to admit; might be more the rule rather than the exception to it).

    With destinations like Mabul, Langkawi , Sibu, Gunung Mulu, etc. (I could keep going on here), it can’t stay hidden forever, but right now the bad publicity around a few heavily reported on news stories has eclipsed much of the good. This too shall pass.

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