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Ravi’s Banana Leaf, Solaris Mont Kiara

by Bangsar Babe

A banana leaf meal

There’s something about banana leaf rice that makes it so appealing to many – mounds of parboiled rice on banana leaf, drenched with tasty curries and served with an assortment of vegetables. It is comfort meal at best and when you find a good one, you’ll keep going back for more. It’s the case with me as I keep going back to my regular banana leaf spot for the Kerala fish curry and crab curry.


Fried bittergourd

A colleague of rif’s recommended Ravi’s Banana Leaf in Solaris Mont Kiara, the odd banana leaf rice shop among a bevy of Korean restaurants in the area. The staff are friendly and service is prompt, we were seated and served within 5 minutes.


Vegetarian sides


Kari campur banjir

The rice came with four vegetarian side dishes, which we complemented with an order of mutton varuval and deep fried squid. Ravi’s only offer three choices of curries – dhal, chicken and fish. Nothing to shout about but they weren’t too bad.


Mutton varuval


Deep fried squid

The mutton varuval was good stuff, featuring tender chunks of lamb in a spicy, thick and aromatic gravy. Also good was the fried squid. The batter was light, crisp and terrifically flavoured to complement the tender rings of squid. Ravi’s claim that they use no MSG in the food and it was quite true – I didn’t feel thirsty after my meal.


Lightly battered and cooked till tender

The bill came up to slightly over RM35 for the above, inclusive of two drinks. Not too shabby considering the portion we got. I heard they do good thosai so that warrants another visit soon. :)



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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10 (pork free)
Verdict: The curries were nothing to shout about but they do a good mutton varuval. No MSG too, so that’s a plus point.


Ravi’s Banana Leaf

Ravi’s Banana Leaf
Jalan Solaris 2
Solaris Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6211 6611

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DZ December 4, 2014 - 3:01 pm

If you haven’t yet, do try Visalatchi Food Catering or Vishal’s Food & Catering at Jalan Scott, Brickfields. Touted by so many as the holy grail of KL based banana leaf though in my opinion after many visits to both restaurants, just so-so :) Would be quite interested to hear your take on either or both ! Cheers.

Bangsar Babe December 5, 2014 - 5:12 pm

Hi DZ,

I’ve tried Vishal’s before. http://www.bangsarbabe.com/2012/04/vishal-food-catering-brickfields.html

Found it just ok. Have yet to try Visalatchi though. :)


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