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I love flooding my rice with curry or anything with (tasty) gravy and it’s been a habit of mine since I was a kid. Whenever I go to a nasi campur or nasi kandar stall, I’ll ask for “kuah banjir”. Over the years, I’ve become pretty good at mixing my kuah, often combining fish, mutton and squid curry in my rice.


Famous fish head curry


Curry, curry and more curry!

I did the same thing at ZK Curry House when rif and I popped by for a quick lunch. We wanted to have the fish head curry but since there was only two of us (and I insisted on fried chicken and squid too), we decided it was too much to stomach. Will need to round up a few makan kaki to go with me soon…


Fried chicken, squid sambal, cabbage and mixed curries

As usual, I piled my plate high with a fried chicken leg, squid sambal and cabbage; and got the uncle to flood my rice with all the curries available. This plate cost me RM13, while rif’s plate without the squid was RM6.


Tender squid

The fried chicken was crispy and aromatic from the assorted spices, while the meat was moist at the centre. I really enjoyed the squid, as the sambal was fiery and rich in flavour. Very nice with the curries and white rice.

It wouldn’t be fair to grade the place since I didn’t get to try the fish head curry, so I’ll only pass my verdict when I get to do so. :)

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ZK Curry House
No 76, Jalan Kampung Attap,
50460 Kuala Lumpur.

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