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For New Year’s Eve, rif and I decided to stay in and have a few close friends over. Last year, we had no mood to celebrate because we were robbed just a day before and I was super paranoid about leaving the house.

unnamed (9)

Devil chicken curry and fried noodles

unnamed (12)

Pineapple upside down cake, blondie and brownie

It was a potluck party so I made devil curry chicken from scratch for the first time. I knew I wouldn’t have time to cook it on Monday or the day itself as I was at work, so Sunday was spent buying groceries and cooking. Am glad our friends enjoyed the curry, although my in-laws think it’s not spicy, sour and oily (I don’t like my curries too oily though) enough. Seriously, his family’s tolerance for chilli is amazing I tell you! :shock:

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New Year’s Day lunch

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Nyonya otak otak

We had so much food; there were plenty of leftovers to last us till the weekend. Next day, his family came over for lunch and brought more food. Mum in-law made Nyonya otak otak, bro in-law brought pasta and sis in-law brought roast duck and her homemade macarons for dessert. We were stuffed.

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Dinner at my parents…and more roast duck!

Treated myself to a pedicure session in Bangsar and then ran errands in Bangsar Village before heading to my parent’s for dinner. Sisters did the cooking so we had fried chicken while I bought a roast duck from Village Roast. Mum wasn’t too pleased with the amount of meat and grease we were consuming but it was New Year’s Day so she let it slip. :D

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Shum, Hanim, Kyrin & Susan

unnamed (11)

Alice, Chris, Derek, Lester and Ken

unnamed (10)

Su Mun & Yang

unnamed (8)

rif & Hoi Mun

Despite losing a few friends last year, I’m glad I still have some who genuinely cares for me. I guess 2013 was a trying year in general for me, and I’m looking forward to a better year in 2014. Hoping for the best! :)

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