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Momo, steamed and fried

Nepalese cuisine is foreign to me so when a dinner invitation from Restaurant Nepal Himalayan Cuisine in Plaza Damas came along, I accepted, without knowing what to expect. The restaurant décor is simple, with indoor dining and an al-fresco section outside. I was served a series of dishes, all new to me. Many I really enjoyed while some, not as much.


Simple interior

Before I go on about the food, I would like to thank Robin for his patience in letting me to release the review in a time frame I deem suitable. These days, I get pretty peeved when PR or restaurant owners prompt me for reviews even when I mentioned up front that it might take a little longer, depending on my work schedule. Unless it’s a seasonal menu or promotion of the month, I don’t like being rushed because that would mean I won’t be able to give it my 110%. #itisstillmyblogsopleaserespectthat



Mango lassi (RM12)



My frazzled nerves were soothed with some Shangri-Lla (RM9 per glass, RM40 per jug), Restaurant Nepal’s version of sangria and a tasty one too. We tucked into some Bhuteko Bhatmas (RM9), an appetizer of crunchy soy beans marinated in Nepalese spices before moving on to some Momo (steamed and fried). Momo (RM 12 for 8pcs, RM7 for 4pcs) is a popular Nepalese dumpling filled with ground meat (Restaurant Nepal uses chicken) — similar to the Japanese gyoza or Chinese wo tip. A vegetarian version is also available, by the way.


Bhuteko Bhatmas


Fiery dips


Timmur, a Nepalese hot pepper

Both the steamed and fried momo were tasty, especially when dipped in the tomato and sesame based chilli sauce provided. The sauces were prepared using timmur, a spicy pepper from Nepal that makes the tongue tingle with delight. That said, if you can’t take spicy food, your tongue will bear the brunt.


Aloo Silam



Aloo Silam featured potato cubes cooked with silam, a Nepalese herb, and onions. I loved how they got the potatoes evenly cooked where the centre is soft but not mushy. Chatamari (RM12) – battered rice crepes with minced chicken – was one of my favourites that night. The base was crispy, and the savoury minced chicken, spring onions, tomatoes and egg married well together.



Spicy Thukpa (RM9) is a popular Tibetan noodle soup dish filled with veggies and chicken; the red hue and spiciness of the broth came from the addition of chilli powder and masala. While the noodles were decent, I was more interested in the pumpkin curry with mutton marrow. The latter was heavily spiced and flavourful with a creamy texture.


Pumpkin curry with mutton marrow


Mutton Chilli


Chicken Chilli

We also tried the mutton chilli and chicken chilli, both good in their own way. I enjoyed the slight chew the mutton had, while the chicken pieces were boneless, tender and easy to eat. Thakali Thali Chicken Set (RM15) came with rice, black bean daal, Nepalese curry chicken, curry vegetables, green spinach, chutney and salad. While it was highly recommended, it didn’t wow me as much as the other dishes did.


Thakali Thali Chicken Set



I tried both the Kheer and Sudip for dessert, and enjoyed the former better. It came in the form of rice pudding, flavoured with saffron, cashew nuts and raisin. Sudip was a composition of banana slices, yogurt and cinnamon powder — this was lighter and tangier than Kheer, but not something I would go for.



My dining experience at Restaurant Nepal was a pleasant (and educational) one. Among the items I tried, I’ll come back for the momo, chataamari and pumpkin curry with mutton marrow. And a whole jug of Shangri-Lla. :D

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Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10 (pork free)
Verdict: If you’re looking for Nepal food in Kuala Lumpur, this is your stop.


Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine
F-O-6 Ground Level
Plaza Damas Shopping Centre
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 3904
Open daily. Lunch and dinner.
Facebook Page

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Sanjeev February 15, 2014 - 12:49 am

I’ll try this tomoro lunch.never had Nepalese before (the food)

Bangsar Babe February 16, 2014 - 12:42 am


bhavna July 30, 2015 - 7:01 pm

hi, is this place still operating? It says “permanently closed” on their FB page..


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