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“Think Suede, Think PUMA.”

The evolution of Puma suede has been an interesting one; from a pair of running shoes, to basketball shoes, and today, a fashion statement and youth culture icon.



I recently attended the Suede Evolution event at Publika, where PUMA launched its new suede collection and Instagram contest. Share your Instagram photos of Malaysian street culture and don’t forget to include the hashtag: #ForTheStreet #MY @ PUMA!


PUMA Friends


Post pictures of urban graffiti, skateboarding, break dancing, iconic street culture landmarks, hip-hop fashion or even a pair of PUMA suedes. By doing so, you stand a chance to win a pair of PUMA suedes and invites to the Suede Finale Party!


Hurry and Instagram away! :)

*For more information about the Suede Evolution Instagram contest, visit PUMA’s Facebook Page.

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