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Hermes Cape Cod

by Bangsar Babe

Accessorizing is a lot of fun and a great way to change up an outfit; an expression of your personal style. ;)


For this fashion feature, I played around with watches, bangles and bracelets to add a pop of colour to my outfits. With accessories, you can allow yourself to get creative and express a different side in you.

1Hermes- Hat-115

1Hermes- Hat-100

The photoshoot was themed around the Hermes Cape Cod watch – modern yet timeless, fun yet elegant. There is a sense of style and liberation in this watch, and one that I understand quite well myself; breaking out of society’s mould and doing things I believe in and fighting for what I’m passionate about. The Cape Cod watch is an icon of its own – a masterpiece that accompanies life’s many fancies and adventures.

1Hermes- Hat-109

This creation by Henri d’Origny was inspired by his singular vision of designing a square watch inside a rectangle, drawing inspiration from the Chaîne d’ancre link. In 1998 at Martin Margiela’s first WRTW show for the maison, he added a double-wrap around strap to the Cape Cod which is known as the “double tour”.

1Hermes- Hat-74

1Hermes- Hat-47

The Cape Cod watch boasts a new dropped diamond setting technique paired with a mother-of-pearl dial, with interchangeable single and double tour straps in vivid colours: electric blue, iris, capucine, Veronese green, ultraviolet and tomato red.

Hermes - Yellow-Blue-28

Hermes - Yellow-Blue-31

The anniversary version with a white lacquered dial is teamed with straps distinguished by contrasting burnishing – red for a white calfskin version and white for a red goatskin interpretation, while the watches with onyx and lapis lazuli dials are inspired by the Art Deco and Bauhaus art movements.

Paired with enamel cuffs and/or double wrap-around leather bracelets, there are plenty of options to pair with the Cape Cod.

Hermes - Yellow-Blue-38

For this playful timepiece, my team and I decided to create two very different concepts, one with strong, graphic lines and the other with bold shapes and colours. We even customized a hat to accentuate the daring and unexpected nature of the watch. The photoshoot was done over a span of two days – one indoor and the other outdoor.

Hermes - Yellow-Blue-43

Hermes - Yellow-Blue-55

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I hope you like it as much as I do! :)

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