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Happy Chinese New Year folks!

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Year of the Snake

Hope you’re having a great CNY so far. This is the second year I’m away from my parents, who are celebrating Chinese New Year in Sitiawan. #imissmummyanddaddy rif and I will be joining them next year so I get to catch up on all my favourite things to eat such as red wine mee suah, sweet and sour fish maw and grandma’s fried chicken.

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Reunion dinner prepared by my mum in-law

We arrived in Malacca at close to 8am yesterday and I’ve been eating non-stop! Duck noodles and curry mee at 8am, fried carrot cake and siu mai at 9am and nasi beriani at 11am. Followed by the reunion dinner and the supper with Farrell at Pak Putra naan around 10pm.

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Good luck, all year round!

rif has gone to the temple with his parents and I’m just chilling in the hotel room while waiting for him to pick me up later. Then we’ll head to his grandfather’s house to ‘pour tea’.

photo 2a

Have a great day ahead! :)


What are you wearing on the first day of Chinese New Year? Send in a picture to [email protected] and you stand a chance to win something from Puma!



rif is wearing a t-shirt from Puma, shorts from a local designer in Singapore and shoes from Topshop. My dress is from Azorias and flats from a boutique in Bangsar. :)


Thank you all who submitted their pictures. Congratulations Amanda and Victor! Will be contacting you both and arranging for the prize to be delivered to you. :)





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