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In business since 1943, the famous Nasi Kandar Beratur got its name from the long queue of people outside the shop. I almost didn’t want to beratur (line up) because I’m generally quite impatient. Good thing the queue moved fairly quick and I got to the front of the line after 45 minutes.


Like most nasi kandar places, you basically tell them what items you want with rice. I got the omelette (telur dadar) and beef curry with okra, and asked for mixed curries. rif tried the honey chicken (ayam madu).


In all honesty, I didn’t get the hype of Nasi Kandar Beratur. The rice didn’t knock my socks off; I found the beef chewy, the chicken dry and the curries lacking oomph. It might have tasted better if the food was hot. I’m actually puzzled as to why the food was cold when they just opened the shop.

I still prefer Nasi Kandar Line Clear to this. Have you tried both these Nasi Kandar places in Penang? If yes, what’s your take?

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Ambiance: 3/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 4.5/10 (halal)
Verdict: Not worth the hype.


Nasi Kandar Line Clear
98 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10200 Penang
(next to Kapitan Keling Mosque)
Business Hours: 10pm to 9am

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