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So far, the people who saw me after my honeymoon said I was too dark. My mother thinks I look like a Chinese-Indian child. Even before going to Maldives, I was the tannest among my siblings. Now, they call me charcoal. :(

Am I that dark??

I’ll admit one thing: my current foundation shade doesn’t match my new skin tone, so I’ve been going without makeup (save for false eyelashes) for the past few days. I’m not going to buy a new set of makeup because I’m pretty sure I’ll get fairer in a week or two.

IMG_4884 copy

Anyway, I love how my skin colour pops when I wear white. White always looks good on tan people, don’t you think? I’m wearing a Puma white polo tee with white denim skirt and my favourite Puma ballet flats in this picture.

IMG_4875 copy

IMG_4880 copy

This was taken during the Puma Play Bus event at Studio Lounge two days ago. What I like about this Play Bus concept was the games and activities around and on the bus. Here’s me attempting to be a Kungfu Fighter. Which totally failed so now you know why Puma asked me to be a Foodsnapper instead. :P You can watch the video here.

Kungfu Puma



IMG_3420 copy

Have you PLAYed?

If you haven’t PLAY-ed yet, there will be another Puma event happening this coming weekend. Stay tuned for updates!

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