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I’ve always wanted to do a proper “Bangsar Babe Eating Spree” since 2009, but after joining me for a few trips, my makan kakis waved the white flag. So my food trips comprise just rif and myself, and occasionally his friends. Good thing I found the perfect eating partner in Ken, who was able to keep up with our eating pace. We’re a match made in heaven…in the food world. :D

Here’s a roundup of our eating spree – 40 dishes, 28 hours:

10.00am: Kuay Teow Th’ng with fried prawn fritters

IMG_9711 copy

IMG_9714 copy

Prawn fritters

IMG_9715 copy

Fish balls

You get a choice of mee, mihun or kuay teow. I generally like kuay teow, but for maximum satisfaction, go for the vermicelli and ask for “kar liu”.

IMG_9717 copy

IMG_9719 copy

Mee hoon (vermicelli) soup

IMG_9724 copy

Kuay Teow Soup

IMG_9731 copy

Extra ingredients (kah liu)

IMG_9735 copy

IMG_9737 copy

Humble setting

IMG_9739 copy

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Kuay Teow Th’ng,
Jalan Tenkera
(opposite BAM and Wesley Church)


11.00am: Baba Charlie Lee (Nyonya Kuih)

IMG_9758 copy

Onde onde

IMG_9742 copy

Assorted Nyonya Kuih

IMG_9747 copy

Kuih Bongkong

IMG_9828 copy

Kuih Bongkong inside

In my opinion, Baba Charlie makes one of the best Nyonya Kuih in Malacca. One of my favourite things to eat here is the Kuih Bongkong (RM0.80). Kuih Bongkong has a smooth and silky texture – almost like the texture of a bean curd – and is eaten with Gula Melaka.

IMG_9746 copy

My loot, halfway ;)

IMG_9760 copy

Kuih Ketayap

IMG_9766 copy

Generously filled

They also sell a mean onde-onde; freshly made and large in size with a generous amount of Gula Melaka. Pop in into your mouth and let the brown sugar syrup ooze out. #shiok If you’re a fan of Kuih Ketayap, give Baba Charlie’s version a try. I usually buy 3-4 pieces for myself when I’m in Malacca.

IMG_9753 copy

Seri Muka

Kuih Seri Muka is usually green on top but the Malaccan version is topped with yellow custard. Below is a list of Nyonya Kuih you can get at Baba Charlie:

IMG_9751 copy

Know your Nyonya kuih

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IMG_9759 copy

Business is run at home


11.30am: Nyonya Delights

IMG_9782 copy

Ikan cencaru sumbat goreng

IMG_9779 copy

Chicken curry devil

IMG_9797 copy

Nyonya laksa

Our friend and rif’s Malacca guide (also called Ken) took us for some Nyonya food prepared by a former hotel chef in Malacca. I didn’t care much for the chicken curry devil and otak-otak, but the ikan cencaru sumbat goreng was very good. The sambal and rempah was aromatic and packed a punch, giving the fish a richer flavour. The Nyonya laksa was just alright in my books.

IMG_9773 copy

Nyonya Delights
2199-C, KM 8,
Batang Tiga,
Tanjong Keling,
76400 Melaka
Business hours: 7am-3pm (closed Tuesdays)
016-365 9775


12pm: Bukit Rambai Cendol and Tai Bak

IMG_9825 copy

Cendol Bukit Rambai

IMG_9813 copy

Best cendol in Malacca

The cendol (RM2.50 – small, RM3.50 – large) is top-notch. I have never eaten cendol this rich before. The green starch noodles were redolent of pandan leaves extract, while the lusciously thick and fragrant Gula Melaka left a lingering sweetness in my mouth. Tai Bak is also available, but I’m not a fan. Ken, the other Ken and rif liked it though.

IMG_9823 copy

Tai Bak

IMG_9806 copy

Aunty Koh

IMG_9811 copy

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1.30pm: Xiang Ji Pork Satay

IMG_9845 copy

Pork satay

IMG_9838 copy

Pineapple peanut sauce

This satay boasts just the right balance of meat and fat, and the combination of well-marinated pork chunks and pork fat melts in the mouth. I like the peanut sauce here as chopped pineapples are added, resulting in a sweeter and tangier gravy.

IMG_9832 copy

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4.00pm: Klebang Coconut Shake

IMG_9850 copy

Coconut shake with ice cream

IMG_9851 copy

Curry puff for snack

What’s so good about a coconut shake, you ask? Given the crazy weather, an ice cold cup is god-sent. Coconut flesh and coconut water is blended with ice cubes and some vanilla ice cream. If you opt for the special version, you get a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Refreshing, really.

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5.00pm: Nadeje Patisserie

photo (1)

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6.00pm: Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyong

IMG_9861 copy

IMG_9853 copy

Special dipping sauce

IMG_9874 copy

Nasi lemak bungkus

We tucked into individual packets of nasi lemak, fried sotong, kepah masak halia and fish, cooked two ways. While you can’t go wrong with fresh seafood, the thing that differentiates this place from the rest is the special dipping sauce. Made with sweet soy sauce, belacan, cili padi, onions and lime juice, this tangy, sweet and savoury combination went well with the seafood.

IMG_9879 copy

Fried sotong

IMG_9889 copy

Grilled fish

IMG_9897 copy

Masak chilli fish

IMG_9868 copy

Kepah goreng halia

IMG_9901 copy

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7.30pm: Pak Putra Naan & Tandoori

IMG_9903 copy

IMG_9904 copy

We shared two chicken leg tandoori (RM7 each), “Jason” naan and garlic butter naan. “Jason” naan comprised onions, garlic, cheese, egg and butter – good stuff! The tandoori was as delicious as people claimed it to be. Generously seasoned and tandoor-ed till tender perfection, I almost wanted to order another portion for myself.

IMG_9905 copy

Chicken tandoori

IMG_9911 copy

Garlic butter naan

IMG_9916 copy

“Jason” special naan

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9.00pm: Popiah at Jonker Street

IMG_9921 copy

IMG_9926 copy

Pork lard magic

IMG_9929 copy

IMG_9930 copy

This popiah (RM2 per roll) comprise fried sengkuang, beansprouts, fried shallots, cabbage, lettuce, diced tofu, shredded egg, Malacca sweet sauce and chunks of pork lard.


9.15pm: Fried Carrot Cake

IMG_9932 copy

IMG_9935 copy

Black sauce and chilli sauce

IMG_9936 copy

Fried carrot cake in Malacca comes with garlic, pork lard and black sauce. If you’re accustomed to the Penang or KL version, you’ll be in for a shock. The Malaccan version has no bean sprouts, preserved vegetables or chives.

IMG_9937 copy

By the way, this fried carrot cake is rif’s favourite. The uncle is stationed at Jalan Tengkera in the afternoon and sets up stall at Jonker Street at night.


9.30pm: Duck web & wings, Jonker Street.

IMG_9944 copy

IMG_9947 copy

And a quack quack here…

Ken spotted this stall selling braised duck web and wings in Jonker Street. Being the curious foodie he is, he ordered one to try. rif and the other Ken made a bolt because the sight of duck web made them squirm. To be honest, I was squirming inside because I’ve never eaten duck web before. It wasn’t as gross as I expected it to be, but I wouldn’t eat this again.


10.30pm: Chicken wings & oh chien

IMG_9950 copy

5-spice chicken wing

IMG_9955 copy

Oh chien

The chicken wings here (recommended by rif’s colleague) were seasoned with 5-spice powder and grilled till the edges are crisp. Tastewise, I found it just average as I prefer my chicken wings sticky-sweet. I didn’t care much for the Oh Chien either – the oysters were smallish and lacked flavour.

IMG_9949 copy

Chop Beeng Cheong
Kampung Lapan, Malacca








9.00am: Duck noodles and loh bak

IMG_9968 copy

IMG_9969 copy

IMG_9974 copy

Fish skin fritters

Soon Yen along Jalan Tengkera is known for the Malacca-style Duck Noodles and you have a choice of soup or dry noodles. We opted for the dry noodles, tossed in thick gravy and topped with shredded duck meat. Ken asked for an add-on of braised beancurd and egg to eat with our noodles. Between the kuay teow, yellow noodles and vermicelli, the vermicelli tasted best with the gravy. Skip the kuay teow as the “kan sui” taste affects the gravy.

IMG_9990 copy

Duck noodles, kuay teow

IMG_9994 copy

IMG_9995 copy


IMG_9999 copy

Yellow mee

IMG_9978 copy

Malacca style loh bak

The Malaccan loh bak (RM10 – large) is a simpler version of the Penang loh bak. This comprised fish balls, fish skin fritters and prawn fritters and came with a side of sweet dipping sauce and chilli. We ordered another large plate to share. rif also ordered the fried carrot cake, which isn’t as good as the one from Jonker Street.

IMG_9986 copy

Fried carrot cake

IMG_0006 copy

Kedai Kopi & Makanan Soon Yen
Kg 9, Jalan Tengkera,


10am: Tai Bak and Kuih Badak

IMG_0010 copy

IMG_0011 copy

IMG_0019 copy

Tai Bak

Ken seemed smitten with the Tai Bak (ugggh) and wanted to try the tai bak from the stall next to Wesley Church. This was a huge disappointment – the flour noodles were bland and paste-y, while the sugar syrup has no pandan aroma or flavour.

IMG_0012 copy

Kuih Badak

IMG_0022 copy

IMG_0015 copy

Pisang Goreng

I tried the Kuih Badak and fried banana; the former was a snack that resembled a sui kow, but with bean sprouts and julienned carrots inside. Nothing special.

Tai Bak Stall
Jalan Tengkera
(next to Wesley Church)


11am: Durian Cendol and Tau Kua at Jeta Groves

IMG_0030 copy

Durian Cendol

IMG_0037 copy

Cendol with ice cream

IMG_0039 copy

Fresh durian

IMG_0027 copy

Tau kua

This is THE place to go to for durian cendol as they use only fresh durian, unlike the bogus version at Jonker 88.

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11.45am: Pineapple tarts from Florence

IMG_0040 copy

Florence is rif’s former nanny and she makes on of the best pineapple tarts I’ve tasted. My mum in-law still makes THE best Malacca style pineapple tarts. :)


12pm: Icy White Coffee at Lao Qian Ice Café

IMG_0053 copy

Icy White Coffee

A tourist hangout place, but according to Ken, the Icy White Coffee is pretty good. I have to agree, although at RM5.80, it’s daylight robbery.

33 Lorong Hang Jebat,
Tel : 06-282 8381


1pm: Nasi Lemak at Baba Charlie Lee

IMG_9767 copy

Stopped by Baba Charlie to tapau a few boxes of Nyonya kuih and 5 packets of nasi lemak.


1.00pm: Nyonya Laksa, Mee Siam, Pai Tee and Popiah at Baba Low

IMG_0059 copy

Mee Siam

IMG_0079 copy

Nyonya Laksa

IMG_0081 copy

Pai Tee

IMG_0070 copy


My favourite place to eat Nyonya Laksa in Malacca, the son runs the Bangsar outlet which I reviewed here.

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So there you have it. 40 dishes, 28 hours. This is how Bangsar Babe does her eating spree. Are you man enough to join? :D

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