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*from my StarMetro Sept’10 article

Right after the Bukit Rambai Cendol, we adjourned to 486 Baba Low for lunch. Like the cendol stall, this humble shack is located in the backyard of a colonial-style bungalow, and specialises in Malacca Peranakan Food. Place your order at the counter/kitchen area, and they will deliver the food to your table. My friends and I ordered a Nyonya laksa (RM4 per bowl) each, followed by a plate of pai tee (RM3.50) and popiah (RM2.70) to share.For the uninitiated, there is a difference between Nyonya Laksa and curry laksa. Nyonya laksa broth is prepared using chicken and prawns while curry laksa uses chicken stock. The red-orange dotted oil on top of the Nyonya laksa comes from the prawns, which gives the curry a richer and sweeter taste.Baba Low’s laksa was pungent, ‘lemak’ and fully flavoured from the blend of spices and chillies. My bowl was filled with julienned cucumber, daun kesum (laksa leaf), noodles (yellow mee + beehoon), juicy cockles, tofu puffs, half a boiled egg and prawns. I ate everything, right down to the last drop of laksa broth.Pai Tee, also known as top hats, is a crunchy flour cup filled with julienned sengkuang, cucumber, omelette slices and fried shallots. These tiny treats went very well with the chilli sauce provided. Simply pop it into your mouth and enjoy its crunchiness. The ‘hats’ were quite small – I could have polished all 5 pieces easily.Baba Low’s popiah boasted plenty of bean sprouts, cooked sengkuang, julienned cucumber and egg strips. I liked the special sweet sauce used to flavour the popiah. According to rif’s father, the sweet sauce was made with Gula Melaka. The egg-skin wrap was of just the right thickness and held the popiah together nicely. Moist, generously filled and full of oomph from the chilli sauce – what’s not to like?

Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 7/10
Verdict: I came, I tried, I’M HOOKED!

486 Jalan Tengkera
Malacca 75200
Tel: 06 283 1762
GPS Coordinates: N02 12.286 E102 13.902

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