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Taufu bakar and grilled cuttlefish

Perception. It can hinder potential friends and send the wrong signals to others. Sometimes, people think I’m unfriendly or assume I’m an ice queen without getting to know me first. Ken however, looked past that and we became friends.

Unlike some people I know, he is always happy to share his food discoveries and often steps in when I’m facing technical problems with my blog. Among some the food places he recommended are Klang Fried Chicken, Penang Curry Mee, Frankie Char Kuay Teow, Sek Yuan, Yamagoya and Jalan Sayur Wai Sek Kai which I’m going to share with you today.

I hardly venture to this side of town and while I roughly knew where Jalan Sayur was, it took me a while to locate the parking lot near the food street. And even so, I parked in the wrong parking lot. -_-

Chicken carcass and chicken feet

Best eaten with chilli sauce

We started with some fried chicken carcass (RM2.60 each) where the bones of the chicken were dipped in a light batter and fried till crispy. While it was nicely seasoned and quite tasty, I still prefer eating chicken meat rather than bones.

Herbal Tea with Egg (Dan Cha)

I was also given an introduction to the dan cha (RM1.90), loosely translated as ‘egg tea’. This herbal tea had a hard-boiled egg inside – the bittersweet flavour of the tea paired nicely with the egg, especially the yolk. A bit odd for me, but I enjoyed it.

Luk Mei

Steamed egg custard

Luk Mei (RM1.90) comprised longan, quail egg, lotus seed, white fungus and another two ingredients I couldn’t make out. Since it was sweltering hot, I found this very refreshing. My favourite of the three tong sui was the steamed egg custard (RM1.90); firm yet wobbly with a silky smooth texture. Good stuff! I was told this gets sold out by 5pm (the stall opens at 3pm) so get there early or be disappointed.

Curry chee cheong fun

The curry chee cheong fun (RM1.40 – small) was aromatic, well balanced and not overly spicy. If you’re not a fan of curry, there’s an option of black sweet sauce as well.

Shallot oil for extra aroma

Wu tau kou

I’m not a fan of steamed yam cake, but this one was too good to pass up. This wu tau kou had a firm yet soft texture with yam cubes, dried shrimp and chopped shallots. I even finished Ken’s portion of this (sorry!).

Fried carrot cake

One of the more popular stalls here is the fried carrot cake stall, so we ordered a plate (RM4.50 – small) to try. While this carrot cake boasted a good wok hei and was crisp around the edges, I found it slightly on the salty side.

Although slightly pricey, the taufu bakar and grilled cuttlefish (RM14) was of a generous portion. The tofu puffs were filled with julienned cucumber and beansprouts, and tasted delicious with the thick peanut paste. I also enjoyed the grilled cuttlefish – pungent but addictive.

Refreshing...and worth the wait!

The sugarcane with lemon (RM2) took a while to arrive. Don’t bother reminding the aunty, unless you fancy getting told off for hurrying her. That aside, this was very refreshing. The lemon gave the otherwise ordinary sugarcane water a nice twist. We ordered another cup to share.

I reckon we only covered 30% of the whole food street that evening. A revisit is a must and hopefully soon. Thanks Ken, for taking me here! :)

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Jalan Sayur Wai Sek Kai
446, Jalan Sayur,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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