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Day 2 was filled with fun activities, competitive streak and more good food!

I don’t usually eat breakfast but would make an exception when I’m on holiday and if the spread is good. That morning, I woke up feeling really hungry and breakfast was quite decent. There were plenty of things to choose from, but the most popular section was Western. Nothing special, but you can never go wrong with eggs in the morning. A pity it was beef bacon and chicken sausage…

View from the top of the hill

After breakfast, we changed into our sports outfit and went jungle trekking. Making me go jungle trekking is like forcing a cat to take a bath. And we all know cats hate taking baths. The last time I jungle trekked was 7 years ago, when rif and I were in Cameron Highlands.

Anyway, jungle trekking at Club Med Cherating was pretty easy as the paths we went through were not muddy. I didn’t sweat much and even had time to stop, take pictures of the scenery and pose for Kenn’s camera. Adventurous travelers can opt to climb a 12m high rock wall to enjoy a better view. I’m a wuss, so the view from the jungle was good enough. :P

Fiona…and creepy Edward!

Look at John! LOL

Tricky slope down, but we still posed for the camera.
Picture credit: Kenn Leandre

Unfortunately, some people had a tough time during the jungle trek. Refer to the pictures above to see why. They probably decided that looking fashionable was more important than being comfortable (chuckles). Kudos to the G.Os, for making sure our every need is taken care of. Wet towels, water, juice and fruits were prepared immediately after we completed the trekking.

Talk about good service!

Group Pic

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the buffet menu changes daily. My first plate — roast chicken, pizza, Korean BBQ beef, fish tempura and Japanese curry. The beef and glass noodle soup was alright. I preferred it to be more peppery. There were macarons, but I didn’t get to try any because I spent too much time at the main buffet area. By the time I got to desserts, only ice cream, waffles and cookies were left.

Desserts I didn’t get to try…

Watch the demo!

An hour after lunch, we joined the other media groups for a treetop trial. Remember what I said about being patriotic? See I was in “Team Malaysia”, and there were media teams from China, Japan, India, Australia/New Zealand, Singapore, etc.

Eiling volunteered to try the treetop challenge first and Kenn went next. That was when we got into a friendly competition with our neighbour. We won (victory dance). I didn’t plan to participate in the treetop activity, but Malaysia HAD to win, so I did it. Yes, I have been this competitive since I was a child. By the way, the treetop activity will be open to all Club Med guests from July 2011 onwards.

As part of Club Med’s eco-friendly practice, the treetop platforms uses kiln-dried chenggal wood from a local supplier with a “green label”. No drilling was done — the logs were built around the trees with protectors placed between the the tree trunks and wire ropes. For peace of mind, all equipment and procedures comply with the International Safety Standards.

While most of them stopped in the middle of the rope and had to climb their way to the next tree, I managed to swing all the way to the end. Eiling and Kenn gave me good tips, so I pushed really hard (the way you push yourself on an actual swing) and landed right on the next platform. That saved me time and hassle.

All those years balancing in super high heels finally paid off!

The last hurdle

We did a bit of archery before hitting the pool. You will need a lot of arm strength for archery. I got tired really fast and missed quite a few shots. When I say ‘miss’, I mean the arrow hit the grass instead of the board! If you’re under a lot of stress, you should consider archery. It’s a great stress reliever. I reckon I would do better if there was a picture of someone I dislike at the bulls eye.


John, Kenn, myself & Eiling

The theme that night was “oriental” and dinner was served at Rembulan Restaurant by the beach. Lobsters, tiger prawns, crabs, ribeye steak…all grilled and served on the spot, buffet style. Desserts were an assortment of pies, and greedy me tried every slice — hazelnut, coconut, raspberry, caramel and strawberry (if I’m not mistaken). I liked the caramel one best.

That night, only Kenn, John and I went for a dip. Eiling, Mayanne and Edward called it an early night (boo!). We got special treatment from one of the G.Os. He came by the pool every 30 minutes and asked if we needed more cocktails. :)

*Pictures and video were taken using the Samsung ST700 DualView 16.1 Megapixel Digital Camera.

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