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After a disappointing dinner at Sanbanto, we weren’t too keen on trying their desserts. Since there was a new dessert place next door, Nomad and I decided to take our chances and try their tong suis. Tong sui is a form of sweet warm/cold soup served as a dessert at the end of a meal. My favourite tong sui is the peanut soup, also known as Fa Sang Wu in Cantonese. A good peanut soup should be thick, creamy and fragrant from the ground peanuts. Dessert House’s version (RM3) lacked aroma and it was diluted; it tasted as though they bought a powder mix and added hot water into it. We also tried the walnut + peanut soup (RM3.50) — this was dreadful. The walnut soup tasted plastic, and it added further damage to the flavour of the peanut soup.I thought the Snow Mountain and Pomelo & Sago in Mango Sweet Soup (RM8.50) was just as bad. The green tea ice cream tasted artificial, and the mango sweet soup could pass off as a mango cordial. While the pomelo was an attempt to be creative, it was terribly bitter, and took the dessert straight to the dumps. The Black Glutinous Rice with Mango Coconut Milk (RM8) fared better, but it was still nowhere near good. I liked the combination, but some parts of the glutinous rice were not cooked properly. Still, it was better than the first 3 desserts we had. We tried the Mango Rolls (RM12) out of curiousity, and immediately regretted our spontaneous decision. This was a mango and coconut pudding shaped to look like a chee cheong fun; I thought it tasted weird. Come to think of it, everything tasted artificial. These were probably the worst tong suis I’ve tried, and I wouldn’t torture myself by going back.

Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 1/10
Verdict: Forget about trying this. Just go to KTZ a few doors away.

Here’s the address if you STILL want to try it for yourself:

36, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/63,
47300, PJ

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